Chapter 4

The two girls walked on together for what seemed like hours, into total nothingness. Both, pondering the sketch of the Fallen one, wondering how they could protect themselves from him. As they walked on they seemed to be getting farther and farther away from anything. They were lost in the red skied desert.
"Man where are we going?" Robyn asked as she looked at the emptiness all around her.
"I have no clue. It kinda looks like itís getting dark." Hope said looking up at the sky as the red sky grew to a dark red-purple colour. She found a rock and sat down.
"Can you watch this? "Robyn asked as she put the guitar down next to Hope.
"Sure why? Where are you going?" Hope asked.
"Nowhere!" Robyn said as she ran for a few stepped then jumped into the air doing a flip and then a cartwheel.
"Umm...why did you do that?" Hope asked with a confused look.
"I donít know. I was kinda and outta the blue moment I guess." Robyn said as she came and sat down next to her friend.
"Ok!" Hope laughed.
"Donít you ever have those kind of moments when you just want to jump around, or sing or just be really weird?" Robyn asked looking up at Hope.
"Not really I kinda just draw!" Hope said with a giggle.
"Oh ok." Robyn said as she grabbed her guitar and pulled it out of the case. "Hey I was thinking about that drawing. If you created that dude then maybe you can create more stuff. You know that would be useful to us out here, in the middle of nowhere."
"What do you mean?" Hope asked intrigued by the idea.
"Well if you did create the evil guy then maybe you can draw other stuff that will appear!" Robyn said as she waved her hands in the air like a magician.
"I donít think it will work!" Hope said skeptically.
"Why not try? I mean what can you loose? If it does work then we will have something to protect ourselves with and maybe even some food." Robyn said as her stomach growled.
"I can try!" Hope said with a giggle. She reached for her sketchbook and flipped to a new page. "What should I draw?" she asked.
"Um...something small like an apple!" Robyn said with a smile
"Ok. Thatís easy enough!" Hope said as she started to draw. She started by sketching the shape of an apple. When she was finished a bright red apple appeared in front of Robyn.
"Yummy!" She shouted and grabbed the apple.
"I canít believe it worked!" Hope said happily as she grabbed the apple back from Robyn and examined it.
"Can I eat it please!" Robyn begged.
"Oh yeah!" Hope said and handed it back to Robyn.
"Girl you are a life saver." Robyn said as she took a big bite of the apple.
"How does it taste?" Hope asked cautiously.
"Oh my god itís so sweet! You should draw one for yourself!" Robyn said with a smile.
Hope continued to draw. She drew and apple for herself and as both girls ate they discussed what else they needed.
"Well like what do we need?" Hope asked.
"Hum...well a camp site would be nice and um some clean cloths, some food, maybe some new guitar strings and some hot guys!" Robyn joked.
"Like who?" Hope asked with a giggle.
"Hum...Hanson!" Robyn said shyly.
"Oh my gosh I love Hanson!" Hope said happily.
"You do?" Robyn asked in amazement.
"Yeah!" Hope said "Can you play anything by them on your guitar.
Robyn picked up the guitar again and started to pluck the intro to MMMBop, then started to strum and A cord for the start of the verses.
"Iím guessing that means yes!" Hope said with a laugh.
"I never meet anyone who likes Hanson!" Robyn said with a smile.
"Me either!" Hope said.
"I guess people just donít know what good music is!" Robyn said with a laugh.
"I guess not!" Hope said as she opened her sketchbook again. She continued to draw. She drew an entire campsite including a bright orange fire and a tent. Robyn ran into the tent and found bags full of cloths she cam out wearing a heavy sweater.
"Isnít it strange how this place has no stars?" Robyn asked as she walked back to the fire side.
"Yeah itís very creepy." Hope said as she put down her sketchbook.
"What were you just drawing?" Robyn asked as she stared at the book.
"Marshmallow?" Hope asked as she passes Robyn a stick and the bag of marshmallows.
"Oh right on!" Robyn shouted. "Do you mind it I look through you sketchbook?" she asked.
"No one really likes my art!" Hope said shyly
"Dude I do. I mean if that Shay guy wasnít so evil heíd be Hot!" Robyn said with a laugh.
"Ok sure you can look at it!" Hope said with a giggle.
Robyn looked through the book slowly, every once in a while she would stop and ask Hope about the pictures. Finally just before the picture of Shay, Robyn stopped again.
"How come this one isnít finished? Itís so beautiful. The gowns on the women and the men look awesome but they have no faces! Why?" She asked confused with what she saw.
"They are finished!" Hope said
"They are?" Robyn asked even more confused.
"Yes they are. Itís for a story I was going to write. I call that picture the five faceless angels." Hope explained.
"But why are they faceless?" Robyn asked.
"Well I was thing it would be because no one knows who they are. They are the purest of the angels. And theyíre purpose is to save the world from evil. You see the evil ones are just fallen angels lured but the first to fall, who was going to be Shay!" Hope said.
"Ever cool! Hey maybe they exist! They could help us beat Shay. We have to find them!" Robyn said as she picked up the guitar again.
"That would help us out a lot!" Hope said.
"Man I wish I could draw like that! I canít even draw stick men!" Robyn joked.
"Then you will see the morning will come and everyday will be bright as the sun so all of your fears cast them on me. How can I make you see? Iíll be your cloud up in the sky. Iíll be your shoulder when you cry, Iíll hear your voices when you call me. I am your angel. And when all hope is gone Iím here. No matter how far you are Iím near. It makes no difference who you are I am your angel..." she sang.
"Man Iím sure you can draw! Now I wish I could sing like that!" Hope said with a smile
"Iím sure you can!" Robyn said as she smiled back.

Shay watched the two girls, who seemed to be enjoying themselves, from afar.
"The five faceless angels. How I wish they were never born! They have defeated me for centuries and all this time I have not known who they are. But now I know the identity of one of them. Little does Hope know she is what she has created! She will be the hardest to destroy. I must find the others and destroy them first then she will loose all hope and she will fall herself." the evil one thought out loud. "I have to test that Robyn one. She has to be another. I felt a strong force from her. She has to be another. Shit if they all combine their powers I may not be able to hold them off this time around. I canít take that chance I must make Robyn-Ella un-pure. I will, tempt her, seduce her. But how she has seen me? Fetch me the ancient scroll!" He yelled as one of his servants walked in.
"These two can not find their male counter parts. If all five angels are united, the end will come to my rein.. The grace, beauty and tranquility the two females and the three males, who's passion and kindness combines is more powerful than any other force. The love that the five hold for each other and their world is disgusting!" Shay said to himself. He shuddered at the thought of meeting face to face finally with the angels.
"Master here is the ancient scroll you requested!" his servant said as he re-entered the room and placed the scroll on a table.
"Excellent!" Shay said as he smiled evilly to himself. The servant left as he unrolled the scroll in front of himself. "This will show me how to seduce Robyn!" he chuckled.

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