Chapter 3

"Hi, Robyn," Hope said timidly, taking Robynís hand and getting up.
"Who was that?" asked Robyn Ella.
"I donít know," Hope replied, picking up her sketchbook, which was still at the page of ĎThe Fallen Oneí.
"Thatís the guy who was choking you!" Robyn-Ella exclaimed.
"Yes, it is," Hope, confirmed, staring at the drawing.
"You created him?" Robyn asked.
Hope looked at her drawing. "I donít know," she said slowly, placing her hand on the place that the creature had kissed her. She winced and she took her hand off immediately as she felt the same burning sensation again.
"Are you okay?!" cried Robyn-Ella.
"Iím fine, thank you," Hope said trying to cool her burnt fingers by placing them in her mouth. "I can take care of myself."
Robyn scoffed, "Well you didnít look too much in control when he had you by the neck! What was he saying to you?"
"I donít totally recall. I was so scared and it all happened so fast! But what I do recall him saying was that he would Ďwipe out my race and ruleí. Do you understand any of that?" Hope looked at Robyn for the answers, but they did not seem to be coming out.
"I donít know," Robyn-Ella mused.
"But he may go after you again. Iíll come with you, where youíre going. He canít possibly go against two girls and a guitar. Two against one!" She smiled as she pet her guitar case.
"If you insist," Hope smiled. "I guess we can both use the company."

Both of the girls looked at each other and laughed. They both felt safe and they noticed that the sky had stopped swirling and the wind had died down. Little did they know that they were being watched by the fallen one himself. His deep blue-green eyes watched and studied them carefully. As he watched them, he thought about his encounter. It had aroused something deep within him. He placed his hand over his bosom and closed his eyes, formulating a plan.
"Her kind are pure," he thought aloud. "If they become impure in anyway, they fall, to be one of mine. A person with that kind of power can prove to be very useful to us." The fallen Angel, Shay, smiled deviously and ordered one of his servants to bring him the scroll.

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