Chapter 2

"What a beautiful sky." Hope thought as she walked on.
"But why does everything seem strange?" she asked herself as she walked. The trees and sky took on a rather fake appearance. There was no wind and really no sun. The redness of the sky lit the surroundings giving everything a rather hellish feel. Hope started to feel uneasy. There wasnít anyone around. Not a sound. No birds, or cars, the silence was defining. Hope wanted to scream at the top of her lungs, just to break the silence, but for some reason she knew no one would hear her. She continued to walk on as the houses started to fade and all she saw in front of her was a totally baron land. She turned and looked behind her but all she found was more emptiness. She spun in a circle. Seeing nothing for miles.
"Whatís going on?" she screamed. "Where did everything go?"
She started to run as fast as her legs could carry her. All that did was take her further and further into nothing. Finally she stopped out of breath and she fell to her knees.
"I donít like this place." Hope said to herself as she started to cry.
When she finally caught her breath she looked up to see the Sky swirling in front of her. The white and red swirl seemed to narrow in the middle. Hope could see a very dark figure walking toward her. The sky continued to swirl behind the being. Hope stood up as the thing came closer. It was a person but didnít look normal. As he came closer Hope noticed he was dressed all in black. He wore a trench coat that covered him from his chin to his toes. As he approached Hope could here a faint humming and a wind picked up. The swirling sky became very violent as the being stopped two feet away from her.
"Who are you?" Hope asked fearfully.
The being reached up and placed one finger over her mouth. She breathed in a fearful breath as the being walking in a circle around her. The sky started to swirl violently over her head as the red and white turned to a fiery orange and yellow. The being grabbed Hope's hands and threw her sketchbook to the ground. As she watched it fall she noticed her hands were not normal. A cyclone of wind appeared in the distance and it came toward the two figures. As the wind around her grew the pages to her book flipped and finally stopped on an anime drawing she had just finished. She in titled it the fallen one. It was of a man in a black trench coat. She looked back at the being. And noticed he was also looking at her book. It was the fallen one, the hell angle. He stood in front of her. Hope gasped as he grabbed her around the waste. Her eyes filled with tears as the cyclone of wind and the fiery sky fell upon her and the evil beast. She felt a burning sensation as the fallen one kissed her on the cheek. Bright blue tears fell from her eyes. The beast jumped back noticing Hope glow with a brilliant white light. The beast eyes burned red as he grabbed Hope around the neck choking her.
"I the lord will wipe out your race and rule!" he said to her as his grip became tighter.
"Hey leave her alone!" the two heard a womenís voice in the distance.
The evil being disappeared as Hope fell to her knees gasping for air.
"Are you ok?" A blonde girl asked Hope as she ran up and touched her shoulder.
"I think so. Who are you?" Hope asked.
"Oh my name is Robyn-Ella!" the girl said sweetly and reached out her hand to Hope.

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