Chapter 1

"Their destiny was foreordained, 1999," a young girl read aloud from the book in her hand. She turned the page and blankly stared at the page. If one was to look closer, they could tell that it was not in English, but in Japanese. She blinked twice, closed the book, and fell asleep.


"Come on, 'sis!" whined a pubescent youth impatiently.
"I'm almost done!" his blonde sister replied. "Just let me finish up this page." She continued typing like a madman, and closed up the document page. "There you go. I'm done."
"ANOTHER stupid Hanson story? Who cares about that crap?" he whined.
"I do. And I don't bug you about what you listen to, do I?" she retorted. "I'm going to bed."


"That was a great performance!!" cried an adrenaline-pumped teen.
"I would say so," agreed his older brother while fluffing his hair with his fingers. "Did you see how they threw those gifts up on stage for us? I never saw anything like it!"
"If you say so," continued the eldest of the three, yawning.
"Big brothers!" cried a small boy running towards them. "I want to hear a bedtime story!"
"Okay," the three agreed, following their youngest brother to where his bed was with one of their younger sisters.
"Read this one," the child eagerly handed to them.
"Okay," the second eldest began. "The Prince and the Pauper. ~ The Disney Version." He paused and smiled at the beaming child whose eyes lit up as he read the title.
The eldest, Isaac, took a deep breath and began. "Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away..." Before he could continue, the little boy stopped him.
"Never mind," he said. "I don't want to fall asleep while you read. That would be rude. Good night! I love you." With that, the little boy hugged his brothers.
"Good night, Mackenzie, ZoŽ, sleep tight," the brothers echoed as they left the room. After they left their siblings to sleep, the three of them headed to their sleeping space.


"Go suck my ass," said an immature kid.
The girl who was reading the Japanese book stared at her strangely and replied, "Do I look like I want to?"
"Well then, you're SO sexy, Amber," the girl replied in a harsh, sarcastic, tone. The kid ran off and began to report it to the boys in the girl's school.
"I wish I hadnít said that," whined Hope to herself. "If they ever hear about that in art, I'd never be able to live it down!" Hope bit her lip and held back her tears of fear and worry. She knew she was straight, but felt she had no proof. Time marched on in the restaurant, and the guys from her school began to tease her. As soon as she got out, she began walking towards home in the wrong direction while the sky began to change from blue to a red.

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