Chapter 11

"Oh, Hope," sniffed Robyn. "Please pull through. Please." Robyn wiped her eyes and squeezed them shut again. "Please, Hope!"
"Hey, Robyn," said Taylor as he quietly walked up to her, getting out of the tent.
"Taylor! Is Hope alright? Please let her be alright!" Robyn sobbed.
He closed his eyes and looked away from Robynís gaze. "Weíre not sure right now, Robyn," Tay said quietly. "At least sheís doing better than she was earlier. Damn, Shay! If he didnít - didnít do that to Hope, we could have beat him! We could have!"
"Tay," said Robyn, "Violence is never the answer, but since we canít have him sit down and talk, we have no choice but to fight. He wants to kill us so we have to do something."
"Youíre right," sighed Taylor. "Violence doesnít solve anythingÖ but it can be fun sometimes!"
"Taylor!" Robyn exclaimed. "Thatís not the way to talk!"
Taylor sighed and looked at Robyn. She was right, and violence really didnít solve anything. "If you say so, Robyn," he sighed again. "Maybe Hope will be better tomorrow, I hope."


The sun rose the next morning to find Robyn asleep on Tayís shoulder. A light glow had gathered around the campsite as the angels slept. Robyn blinked open her eyes, yawned, and walked over to the tent where Hope was. As she walked in, Isaac and Zac had fallen asleep on each other. Hope laid in a sleeping bag peacefully unaware of her surroundings. Robyn crept closer and could hear Hopeís breathing coming back to normal.

"Hope?" Robyn whispered as she drew closer to her friend. Slowly, Hope opened her eyes and smiled as she saw Robyn come into focus.
"Hmm, Robyn? Is that you?" Hope asked weakly, reaching her hand out to her friend.
Robyn grabbed Hopeís hand, smiling, and nodding her head. "Hope, youíre awake. Do you know what happened to you?"
"Not really," she replied staring at the roof of the tent. "I remember discovering that Tay was the fifth angel, and then a sudden burst of pain." Hope closed her eyes and smiled. "Itís funny, isnít it? How all of us here are the five angels. Who would have thought of that?"
"Hope!" Isaac cried as he wrapped his arms around her. "Youíre alive! Shay almost killed you!"
"Iím okay, Isaac," Hope coaxed as she made a terribly uneasy face as Zac and Tay woke up.
"Welcome back to the world of the living," Taylor smirked. "Iím glad too that youíre okay."

The five of them walked outside and looked out into nothing. "We almost thought that you were done for," Zac said. "If it wasnít for all that you did for us, we wouldnít have known what to do."
"Iím glad Iím okay, too, guys," Hope smiled as she stretched her arms out. "But I donít feel totally back up to par."
"Well, Iím glad youíre not!" Shay said as he walked up to the campsite. "I may have had a hard time with your shield that you all created from this empty hope that you all have of returning home."

The five angels stood there in horror as he approached them closer, gathering a ball of energy in his palm.
"Hope, you have been such a thorn in my side that it has almost been impossible for me to destroy you," he continued. "But as for getting home, donít count on it!" With that, he shot the ball of energy at Hope.
"No!" the Angel of Strength cried out pushing Hope out of the way, allowing himself to be hit instead. He flew into the air and landed ten feet from the others. "I will not allow you to hurt her," he stated stronger than before.

Shay looked at him casually and said, "Oh, Iím sorry. Thatís my mistake. I should have made it strong enough to kill her." Shay then created another ball and then shot it directly at Hope, knocking her down to the dirt.
"Hope!" the four other angels cried as they rushed to her side.
"Iíve had it. I know what I must do. Iíll miss you," Hope whispered to her friends. Tired, weak, dirty, and badly bruised, Hope got herself up and closed her eyes. She raised her hands into the air, and looked to the sky.
Shay paused, not knowing what to do.
"Father of Heaven, Father of EarthÖ" Hope began as the sky began to swirl.
"What the Hell?!" cried Shay.
"I do thy bidding, please help me nowÖ"
"Hope! What are you doing?!" Robyn cried.
"Give me your power, your strength combinedÖ"
"No, it canít beÖ She couldnít possiblyÖ" Shay murmured.
"With the power within me, seal up this demon, confined!"
"Well done, Angel of Hope, very well done. You have not seen the last of me. I will return, and you will fall," Shay smirked as he began to disappear out of existence.
"I sealed him," smiled Hope weakly as she fell to her knees. "He is in a small, confined prison. Almost like my dream-"
Hope fell to the ground, out cold, almost death-like.
"Hope?!" cried Robyn. "Get up! It canít be. She-sheís-"
"No! Hope, get up!" cried Isaac. "NO!"
"HOPE!!!" Isaac, Taylor, Zac and Robyn screamed, finding themselves where they had gone to sleep that night.

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