Chapter 12

"Robyn wake up! Wake up Robyn!" Her father said as he shook her awake.
"What? Taylor where is Hope?" Robyn said as she sat up in bed.
"Who is Taylor?" He asked with his overly protective father look.
"HmmÖ" Robyn tried to think of something to say. She was stunned to be sitting in her room.
"You were having a nightmare!" Her father said with a laugh.
Robyn sighed deeply as she fell back and hit her pillow heavily.
"Oh no you donít. You arenít going back to bed. You have to work today!" Her father said as he got up and opened her window.
"Ah turn off the sun, itís too bright!" Robyn whined as she covered her head with her pillow.
"Wake up, get moving and get your uniform on!" He said as he tossed a red and white candy striper uniform onto her bed.
"Yes doctor!" she said as she got up.


"Howís her condition doctor?" a nurse in the intensive care ward asked.
"No improvement." The doctor answered.
"She is still not responding to anything?" the crying mother asked with horror filled eyes.
"Iím sorry maíam we are doing all we can for your daughter." The doctor said as he looked at the young girl's chart again.
"She was just walking home!" the mother cried.
"There is no stopping a drunk driver!" the nurse cooed.


After waking up with a mind full of confusion Isaac found it hard to go back to sleep. He found himself surfing the net, checking up on the online forums. He was reading through some of the old average posts about concerts and pictures that were seen. Then he came across a topic that caught his attention. "No one is safe from drunk drivers," was the topic. He clicked on it and read the posts. It was about a young girl who was hit by a drunk driver on her way home, one day. The driver just kept going and left the girl to lie in the street. The only reason the post was on the Hanson message board was because the girl was found clutching an anime drawing of Hanson that she had done.


Robyn sat at the nurses station listening to her CD player and reading the list of jobs that were set up for her. She walked over to a laundry closet and started to stack clean towels in it. She sang softly to herself. Out of the corner of her eye she saw some people walk past her. She paid no attention to it and went back to her work. A chill crawled up her spine as she heard talking. She slowly removed her head phones and listened in on the conversation.

"We just want to see the girl." Isaac said to the nurse that was stopping him.
"Are you ever loyal fans, but Iím sorry the girl is comatose no one is to see her." The nurse chuckled.
"We just want to know, if we know her... canít you give us her name?" Taylor asked, his voice was full of concern.
"Iím sorry boy, doctor's orders." The nurse said and smiled weakly. "Iíll have someone show you boys out of the hospital." She said and walked over to Robyn. She placed her hand on Robynís shoulder. Robyn jumped and spun around.
"I wasnít day dreaming I swear!" Robyn said as she looked up at the nurse.
"Itís alright Robyn." She chuckled. "Can you show these boys out!" she motioned over to the three.

Robynís heart dropped into her stomach as she looked over at the three.

"Robyn is a big fan!" the nurse said with a laugh as she gave Robyn a little push.
"Follow me please." Robyn said in a very week voice as she led the guys to the elevator.
"Good to see you again Robyn-Ella!" Ike said with a smile as they stepped into the elevator.
"Robyn is fine Ike!" Robyn said then realized what was happening. "Oh my god it wasnít a dream!" she almost fell over.
"Whoa girl!" Taylor said as he caught her and looked down at her lovingly.
"This is too weird! It was only a dream." Robyn said as she started to panic.
"Thatís what I thought!" Zac said. "But it seems like we were wrong."
"But then... where is Hope?" Robyn asked looking from one to the other.

Ike handed her a printed copy of the forum post.

"You think it's Hope?" Robyn questioned skeptically.
"I do!" Zac said.
"Can you get us in to see her?" Ike asked as the elevator stopped in the lobby.
"Oh guys, I would if I could, but my dad would kill me!" Robyn said with a frown.
"Why would your dad care?" Ike asked.
"Heís the doctor!" Robyn said bluntly.
"Can you get in to see if itís her?" Zac asked.
"Candy Stripers arenít supposed to go anywhere unless they are told to." She said.
"Canít you ask your dad?" Taylor asked.
"Iíll get fired for this and probably grounded but I have to find out!" Robyn said as she grabbed Taylorís hand and got back into the elevator.
"Hey wait for us!" Zac yelled and followed.

The elevator climbed back up to the intensive care floor slowly. Finally it reached the top and stopped. Robyn got out first, still holding onto Taylorís hand, and walked past the nurses station.

"Robyn you donít have access to that!" the nurse yelled.

Robyn kept walking until she came to a clear window. She looked in to see her father looking over the girl in the bed. He backed up a few steps and revealed who it was. Again the nurse yelled from down the hall, but Robyn didnít pay any attention to it.

"Oh my god it is Hope!" Robyn cried as she pushed her way into the room.
"Robyn wait!" Taylor yelled as he watched her.

She pushed her way past her father and sat down on the bed side. She grabbed onto Hope's hand and held it tightly.

"Hope, please wake up!" Robyn cried as she felt her father pulling her away. "Please Hope! We need you Hope!" she screamed as he father pushed her out the door.
"What are you thinking!?" He yelled. "You know better than to defy my orders!"
"Oh god please let her be ok!" Robyn cried as she broke out of her father's grip and grabbed onto Taylor.
"What are they doing here!?" Her father yelled. "Get these kids out of this ward."
"No!" Robyn screamed as she felt someone grab onto her arm and start to pull her out of the ward.
"Robyn!" Everyone heard a weak voice call out.

Everyone stopped and turned to look in the window to Hope's room. Sitting up in bed was Hope. Robyn grabbed onto Taylorís hand and pulled him into the room with her. Ike and Zac followed. Robynís father stood, awe struck, in the hallway. The four seemed to bring back the life in the injured. A smile grew on each face. They brought to each other the healing power that was greater than that of any doctor. The friendship was created by a higher power and yet a sense of fear sat in each person's eyes. The hope was restored to them but for how long would it last?

The End!

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