Any Given Existence

Part 8 - "Another Charity Case."

“OH ZAC!” Taylor yelled.
“Huh?” Zac asked, coming from the bedroom with the toothbrush still in his mouth.
“Would you come down stairs with me.” Taylor smiled.
“Why?” Zac asked, feeling a little bit nervous. They all had to be careful when any of them were asking them to go somewhere for fear of a lethal attack of water guns or something worse. He took the toothbrush out of his mouth and headed to the bathroom to rinse out his mouth. He came out and looked at Taylor, wiping off his mouth.
“Should I trust you?” He asked..
“Of course little brother.” Taylor smiled slyly.
“Now I REALLY don’t trust you.” Zac said, backing away.
“There’s a girl down…” Taylor didn’t even have a chance to finish before Zac raced past him, in the elevator.
“Before you leave…here!” Taylor yelled, running after him. He handed him the envelope and left before the elevator doors closed. Taylor chuckled to himself as he returned to the room.
“What did you do Taylor?” Ike asked, coming into the room, toweling his hair.
“There was a girl downstairs that’s infatuated with Zac so I sent him down there.” Taylor smiled and sat down on the couch.
“Another charity case.” Ike said, throwing the towel on the couch and putting his hands on his hips. He stopped, standing over Taylor.
“HEY! She’s only 13 years old.” Taylor said, defending himself.
“I guess you don’t seem to realize she could very well have over a dozen of her friends WITH her. You just sent him to his own death.” Ike said.
“He can handle it.” Taylor said shrugging it off.
“DON’T EVER DO IT TO ME!” Ike said and proceeded to leave.
“HEY! YOU KNOW DARN WELL YOU WOULD’T MIND HAVING TWENTY GIRLS AFTER YOU!” Taylor turned his head and yelled back..
“What’s your point?” Ike smiled and popped his head back in the room.
“Ike, you’re such a goof.” Taylor laughed, turning and throwing the towel at him, then turned, flicking on the television.

“Boys!” Walker called, as he opened the door to their room and peered in.
“Hey Dad.” Taylor smiled, turning to look at him.
“Get ready.” Walker said.
“Uh…Zac’s downstairs, I’ll go get him.” Taylor said, getting off the couch.
“What about Ike, where’s he?” Walker asked.
“I’m right here dad.” Ike said, coming in the room. Taylor left the room and headed back down to the restaurant. He walked in and saw Zac sitting there with Rhianna, drinking a soda and chatting away like he had all the time in the world.
“Uh hem…Zac?” Taylor said. Zac looked up at him and smiled.
“Dad wants us.” Taylor said.
“Oh…all right. It was very nice meeting you uh…”
“Rhianna.” She said.
“Rhianna.” Zac repeated and shook her hand.
“See you at the concert.” Taylor smiled. Zac and him left and went back up to the hotel room.
“So, you like her I take it.” Taylor smiled wickedly.
“She’s really nice.” Zac smiled back.
“Ike thought I left you down there with a bunch of teen age girls.” Taylor laughed.
“Oh…I bet he was so jealous.” Zac laughed. They walked back in the room, grabbing their things and left to meet the rest of the family at the other room they were staying in.
“Hey! We’re leaving.” Jessica said, opening up the door for Taylor and Zac.
“All right.” Taylor said. Everyone headed back downstairs and left to get in the awaiting van. A truck going to the location was already hauling all the instruments. The guys needed to do a quick sound check then do the concert. Taylor totally forgot about the mysterious voice. He figured that it finally was going to leave him in peace instead of hounding him.

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