Any Given Existence

Part 9 - "I Am The Master Of The Universe!"

“Okay…it seems everything is in order.” Walker said, coming on stage to where the boys were rehearsing. He walked over to Taylor and put his hand on his shoulder.
“Take it easy tonight son.” Walker smiled.
“Okay dad.” Taylor smiled back. He grabbed the bottle of water he had next to him and took a swig.
“Do you just want to go over the last one again?” Taylor called over to his brothers.
“No, it seems fine.” Ike said, and started tuning his guitar. Taylor grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat off his brow as they made their way off stage. They had a couple hours until show time and Taylor felt it to be perfect time to do some long awaited writing in his journal. He grabbed the journal from the bus and headed back in. He sat down on the chair in the dressing room and started writing. He really wanted to get down all the weird things that had been going on for the past couple of days.
“Hey Tay?” Zac, said, interrupting him, as he came in the room.
“Uh…yeah?” Taylor said, not looking up from his journal.
“They got pizza.” Taylor looked up at Zac and they both smiled. They bolted out of the room.
“I bet I can get to it before you.” Zac screamed, wizzing past Taylor.
“I think not weirdo!” Taylor yelled back, picking up speed. He raced past Zac, jumped over some papers lying on the ground, around his father and to the table.
“I AM THE CHAMPION!” Taylor jumped up and down singing. He grabbed a piece and shoved it in his mouth.
“No fair, I didn’t have time…to…” Zac said, his breathing hard.
“I am the master of the universe!” said Taylor happily, grabbing another piece.
“Here.” He said, handing it to Zac. Zac caught his breath and proceeded to shove the pizza in his mouth.
“HEY! Gonna leave any for the rest of us?!” Ike laughed as he came into the room.
“NO!” Both Taylor and Zac smiled, shoving the last remains of their pieces in their mouths.
“Crap! What time is it?” Zac asked, letting food particles fly out of his mouth.
“It’s around 2, why?” Ike replied, as he looked down at his watch.
“I have to go find that shirt!” Zac yelled, throwing his unused napkin on the table.
“What shirt?” Taylor asked.
“The one I promised Rhianna I’d wear.” Zac said. Zac ran to the dressing room in a flash before they could ask him anything more.
“Whose Rhianna?” Ike asked, seemingly very puzzled.
“That’s the girl that was in the hotel this morning.” Smiled Taylor.
“I think he has a little crush don’t you?” Taylor added.
“Geez.” Ike said, rolling his eyes as he picked up a piece of pizza.
A couple minutes later Zac was out of the dressing room. He had on a shiny blue shirt on that made Taylor and Ike jump back when they first saw him in it.
“Uh…Zac?” Ike said and lifted the sleeve to inspect it.
“Rhianna gave it to me. I like it.” Zac said proudly. He turned around and left the room. Taylor turned to Ike and made motions like he was throwing up. They both started laughing.
“I can’t believe he’s going to wear that hideous thing.” Ike said.
“You know Zac, anything for shock value or in the interest of a girl.” Taylor smiled.
“Let’s go get changed.” Taylor added as they headed for the dressing room.

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