Any Given Existence

Part 4 - "I Have To Tell You..."

“Here’s that water.” Zac said, handing it to Taylor. Taylor glanced up at him and proceeded to gulp it down. It was refreshing and Taylor smacked his lips as he took the glass away from his mouth and set it down on the table next to him.
“Where’s Ike?” Taylor asked.
“He’s writing some lyrics.” Zac said, leaning back in the chair and clasped his hands together, laying them on his lap.
“I have to tell you…”
“Tell me what?’
“When I passed out on stage…” Taylor stopped, looking down at his hands as he nervously started to rub them together.
“Well, I saw this light. This brilliant light wash over the crowd and over me. I went numb. It was really scary.” Taylor explained then looked at Zac.
“Okay.” Taylor really didn’t know if Zac believed him or was just amusing him to keep him quiet.
“And…I woke up before because I was dreaming, I think…”
“You think?” Zac questioned.
“I couldn’t tell if it was real or not, that’s how intense it was.” Taylor said.
“What were you dreaming?” Zac asked, seemingly, very interested.
“Well…it was dark and this voice kept calling my name and…”
“Was it a guy or a girl voice?” Zac asked, cutting Taylor off.
“Girl. And all I could see were these eyes, these green eyes.” Taylor went into as he started staring off. Zac just watched him, hoping his brother wasn’t going nuts.
“Tay, it was just a dream.” Zac said, trying to get Taylor to come back to reality.
“I know.” Taylor sighed.
“I swear, I thought I was losing it.” Taylor added then laughed to himself.
“Aww, you know you lost it a long time ago Tay.” Zac joked, trying to lighten the situation.
“Well at least I know I’m not the only one.” Taylor smiled mischievously. It took Zac a little while to catch on.
“Wait…HEY!” Zac said and pushed Taylor playfully.

“Hey Tay, feeling any better?” Ike asked as he walked in.
“Yeah.” Said Taylor as he slid over on the couch to let Ike sit down.
“Do you think you’ll be up for our concert tomorrow?” Zac asked him.
“Oh yeah, it must just have been the heat, you know.” Taylor said shrugging it off.

“How does everyone feel about Chinese?” Walker asked, stopping the conversation.
“Yeah! I’m really hungry.” Taylor smiled and patted his stomach with his hand.
“Well take it easy, don’t want you getting sick.” Walker said and put his hand on Taylor’s head, ruffling his son’s hair.
“Okay dad.” Taylor said, rolling his eyes.

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