Any Given Existence

Part 3 - "Why Ask, When You Already Know?"

“Taylor!” Taylor’s eyes flew open but all he could see was darkness.
“Taylor!” a voice spoke from a distance.
“What? What do you want?!” Taylor yelled into the black void that surrounded him.
“You know what I want my Taylor!” The voice said, sounding closer.
“No…no I don’t” He stammered.
Suddenly, two brilliant green eyes started to come into focus. Taylor caught his breath and stared as the eyes came closer.
“Taylor…you know.” The voice said clearer.
“Am I dreaming?” he asked, almost at a yell.
“What do you think?” The voice whispered in his ear. It sent chills down his spine and shook him as if a cold gust of wind had passed him.
“Is this real?” Taylor said softly as bit his lip. He felt frightened.
“Why ask, when you already know?” The voice whispered in his ear.
“Now…you must…” The voice started to say. It felt like a face was right in front of him. He looked into the green eyes for an answer. He could feel hot breath on his face then finally lips touching his.

“AGHHH!” Taylor yelled, opening his eyes wide and sat up, looking all around in a panic. He rubbed his eyes and saw Zac sitting in a chair beside him with wide eyes.
“Dude you okay?” Zac asked, as he leaned over and put a hand on Taylor’s shoulder. Sweat poured down his brother’s face and his shirt clung to his back.
“I…I…” Taylor stuttered, putting his hand to his head.
“You were yelling, what was the problem?” Zac asked, concerned.
“I think I’m having some weird anxiety thing.”
“I…I don’t know.” Taylor said bewildered.
“Probably. You know, stress from the tour and everything.” Zac answered.
“Mom and dad thought something was terribly wrong.” Zac added.
“No, no, I’m okay now.” Taylor said. His heart was still racing. It almost felt like his heart was beating so hard that it would fly out of his chest. He leaned back against the small couch he was laying on and took a deep breath.
“Do you want some water?” Zac asked him.
“Uh…yeah.” Taylor answered, turning back to look at his little brother. Zac smiled at him and got up to get him some water. Taylor turned back around and wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. He stared at a corner of the room, not blinking, wondering what was really going on.

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