Any Given Existence

Part 5 - Chinese Anyone?

“Well then, let’s get out of here.” Walker said, turning back to look at his sons. Taylor got up and swayed uneasily as he attempted to regain his balance. He followed his brothers out to the awaiting van and piled in. Taylor sat in the way back and leaned his head against the window. He put his hands on his knees and looked out the window.
“Something the matter honey?” Diana asked, breaking Taylor off from his thoughts.
“No, I’m fine.” Taylor smiled back weakly to his mother and continued to stare out the window. Walker turned the key and the engine started. He put the van in drive and they were off, in search of food. Taylor was thinking about the dream. Those eyes. They were haunting. What was even more haunting was that kiss. It seemed to linger on his lips as if it had just happened only moments ago. What did it all mean? Was he just hallucinating from the intense heat? He shook his head to try to come back to reality but his mind kept drifting. Was it supposed to warn him? He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the back of the seat.
“Tay, are you sure your all right?” Zac whispered and nudged him.
“Just tired.” Taylor said, opening one eye to look at his little brother.
“All right.” Zac smiled. They pulled into a parking lot and the Hanson clan filed out of the van. Taylor grabbed Zoë and they headed into the small Chinese restaurant. They sat down and almost immediately, their waitress came over. She was small in stature, with dark hair about to her shoulders. She looked not too much older then Taylor.
“May I take your order?” She said in a joyful voice.
“Uh…yeah. We want the ribs and some pork fried rice and…”
Taylor glanced over to where the bathrooms were as his father rattled off the order and the waitress furiously wrote it on her pad of paper. He caught his breath and held it as he saw two green eyes staring at him from the darkness of the hallway. He swallowed the lump forming in his throat and turned his head.

“You can’t ignore it…” The voice resonated in his skull.
“Stop.” He softly said, looking around, hoping his family didn’t hear him.
“You want to know…” The voice lingered.
“No I don’t.” He said scornfully and glanced back to the bathroom area at the two piercing green eyes staring back at him.
“You don’t what?” Walker asked, catching him off guard.
“Oh…uh…I don’t want an eggroll.” Taylor said trying to think of something fast.
“I didn’t ask if you did.” Walker said and looked at his son with inquisitive eyes.
“Oh…sorry…my mistake.” Taylor smiled hesitantly. The waitress stared at him and Taylor could feel the heat rising in his face from embarrassment. His cheeks turned crimson and he quickly turned away. Walker continued to look at Taylor. Taylor scratched his temple and just attempted to pass it off.

“I know you hear me!” The voice said. Taylor bit down on his lip hard and he could actually taste the blood he drew from them. He couldn’t stand it. It was almost driving him crazy.
“I…uh…I’ll be right back. I have to use the men’s room.” He said loudly and quickly stood up, almost knocking over his chair.
“Go ahead sweetie.” Diana said and looked up at Taylor. Zac stared at the wild look in Taylor’s eyes. He seemed to know something was up and Taylor sensed it. He headed to the bathroom in a fast pace and locked the door behind him. He searched the wall for the light fixture but was unsuccessful.

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