Any Given Existence

Part 2 - "Did You See It?"

Taylor slowly opened one eye, then the other. His whole family was surrounding him, looking down at him with concerned looks covering their faces.
“Are you all right?” His mother asked, caressing his cheek with the back of her hand.
“What…What happened?” Taylor asked, dazed.
“You passed out on stage. We had to carry you off.” Ike said.
“I…I did?” Taylor asked, not knowing what happened. He was so incredibly confused.
“Did you see it?” He asked, suddenly remembering the incident.
“See what?” Zac asked, looking down at him and narrowed his eyes.
“The light, the incredible light?” Taylor asked, reaching up to some unknown source with a trembling hand.
“Uh…Tay…there was no incredible light that I know of, just the sun.” said Ike, leaning in.
“I’M TELLING YOU I SAW A LIGHT!” Taylor said, all most crazed.
“Maybe the heat got to you. Why don’t you just relax here.” Walker, his father said.
“NO! I’M FINE!” Taylor yelled and attempted to get up. Sweat started to bead on his forehead and his eyes were wild.
“Just lay down.” Walker said to his son and gently pushed him down.
Taylor did as Walker told him and layed down. He closed his eyes as his family members left him.
“Maybe their right. Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe I’m just tired.”

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