Any Given Existence

Part 1 - "1! 2! 3! 4!"

They stood out proudly on stage out looking to the swelling crowd of adoring fans that had waited so patiently for their arrival. This concert was being held out doors in the hot afternoon sun. The turnout of people was enormous. Taylor took his place at his keyboard like he had done so many times before and placed his fingers on the smooth keys. He turned his face and smiled over at his brothers. The intensity of the crowd and of the moment was so exhilarating, feeling almost like what was inside him, his life force all most. He closed his eyes and turned his face up to let the afternoon sun wash unto his face for but a moment and looked back out to the crowd.
“1! 2! 3! 4!” Taylor started and began the first song of the concert.
He looked up to the sky again as he leaned into the microphone. He stopped, noticing a brilliant flash of white light pour out of the sky. It couldn’t have been lightning because it was sunny out and it wasn’t even raining. This brilliant light seemed to swallow up the sky and cascade over the audience. Taylor’s jaw dropped and he backed away from the keyboard.
“What the…” he began to mutter.
The light started to creep onto the stage and washed over his keyboard. He turned to look over at Ike but he seemed unaware. He quickly glanced at Zac but Zac looked the same. The light swelled and climbed up his legs. Taylor felt himself go numb. He screamed out in desperation as the light moved up his body. He felt almost blind as the light started proceeding up his chest and neck.
“NOOO!” He screeched and fell to the ground.
“TAY! TAY!” A familiar voice beckoned him.

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