Any Given Existence

Part 10 - "Good Thing I Wore My Earplugs."

The guys made their way on stage. Taylor was feeling pumped up and he knew that he was going to have a great time doing what he loved to do. He took his place at the keyboard and smiled as he looked over the ocean of fans. They all held their signs high in the air. With the “I love Hanson” and “Hanson Rocks” waving in the arms of screaming teenage girls, the guys were ready. Taylor turned and looked at his brothers and gave a wide smile.
“ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!” Taylor yelled in the microphone. With that a shriek of the volume of thousands of screaming teenage girls hit him in the face.

“Good thing I wore my earplugs.” Taylor told himself. He placed his fingers on the keyboard and they started to play. The volume of the crowd slowly decreased as the guys started their songs. Taylor really got into it. It was almost like a workout for him. He would get into it so much that by the time he would get off stage, he wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t wear the soles of his shoes out from jumping up and down.
They finished the set and stood before the audience. The crowd roared and Taylor stood there proudly. He grabbed the towel from the side of his keyboard and wiped his face off and headed off the stage, waving to the adoring fans calling his and his brother’s names.
“GREAT SHOW!” Walker said happily, hugging his boys as they went backstage.
“Thanks dad.” Taylor smiled.
“You guys go change so we can do our meet and greet session then we can head back to the hotel for some rest.” His father called as the guys headed for the dressing room. Taylor closed the door behind them and grabbed his clean shirt.
“I hope Rhianna had good seats.” Zac said.
“What does it matter, a person ten miles away could see him in that shirt.” Ike whispered to Taylor.
“WHAT?!” Zac said angrily.
“Nothing.” Ike smiled.
“I’m surprised you didn’t give her backstage passes.” Taylor said, taking his shirt off and putting on the clean one.
“I did.” Zac said, toweling off his face. Zac changed his shirt and left the dressing room. Taylor followed him out but Ike was still getting ready. They walked over to the area they set up for the meet and greet session and sat down. Almost immediately, girls pushed pass the security guards and ran over to the table, shoving album covers and pictures in the guy’s faces. Taylor grabbed a poster and signed it, handing it to whomever it belonged. Rhianna walked over to the table and handed Zac an album cover for him to sign. He smiled up at her and Taylor laughed to himself as he watched the heavy flirtations going on between Zac and Rhianna. Zac shot him a look and Taylor just went back signing autographs.
“Crap!” Taylor said outloud. He swore he heard the voice again.
“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT!” he yelled on top of his lungs. A deafening silence stopped Taylor. All the fans stood there, staring at him with open mouths. Zac and Ike immediately turned their heads to look at him.
“Man, what’s your problem?” Zac said angrily.
“Nothing!” Taylor said. He finished signing the autographs with his brothers and got up. Zac was still hanging around with Rhianna after the show but every once in awhile, would glance over at Taylor and give him a funny look.
“Taylor, what was that outburst all about?” Ike asked him.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Taylor said.
“Try me.” Ike said.
“I keep hearing this voice, calling my name.” Taylor said, looking up to meet Ike’s gaze.
“I hate to tell you Tay but…before, when were signing autographs, one of the girls was calling your name to get your attention.” Ike said and put a hand on Taylor’s shoulder.
“NO! No, that’s not it. I’ve heard it before. When we were in the Chinese restaurant and when I was in the elevator this morning and…” Taylor tried to explain.
“Man, you really need a vacation.” Ike smiled and left him alone to go and help pack up the instruments.

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