Any Given Existence

Part 11 - "PRUNE BOY!"

It had been four days that the guys didn’t do any gigs. It was a nice vacation, just lounging around, writing songs and just having fun. Taylor hadn’t heard the voice at all and he was ecstatic. He felt he finally had peace.
It was about 12 in the afternoon and all the kids decided to go down to the pool and relax before they had to leave for the concert that night. Everything was going great. Taylor walked out to the warm sun, holding the towel in his hand and proceeded to sit down on one of the lawn chairs. Mackie, Jess, Avery and Zac were already in the pool and Ike was sitting in another lawn chair, reading a book. Taylor put on his sunglasses and laid back in the chair, taking up the sun. The week had been stressful in the beginning but he couldn’t wait for tonight when he got to perform again.
“Hey Tay?” Ike called over. Taylor looked over at him.
“Hear any spooky voices lately?” Ike laughed.
“Shut up!” Taylor yelled, annoyed. He turned back around and closed his eyes.
“Hey! Attention…we have to leave by 1:30 so don’t take too long.” Walker announced, coming out to the pool area.
“Thanks dad.” Ike said. Zac made his way out of the pool and walked over to Taylor. He grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his waist.
“Taylor!” Zac yelled.
“Huh?” Taylor said in a sleepy tone.
“Get up, your falling asleep and we have to go soon.
“Fine.” Taylor said. All the kids got out of the pool and headed back inside the hotel to get changed so they could go for sound check. This concert was going to be held indoors. Smaller crowd but it still was going to be as loud as before.
Taylor ran in the bathroom before Ike or Zac could get to it and changed quickly. He finished in the bathroom and left to go to his parent’s room.
“Mom? Do you have my back pack?” Taylor asked as he walked in the room.
“You left it over here.” Diana said, handing it to him.
“Thanks mom.” Taylor smiled.
“Are your brothers ready yet?” She asked, looking at him.
“Not yet.” Taylor said. About five seconds later, Ike and Zac strolled in.
“Put your stuff in the van, I have to go and get shoes on your brother.” Diana said. The guys headed to the van and piled their bags in the back of the van and waited patiently for the rest of their family.
“I wish we could have hung around the pool for a little longer.” Zac complained as he put his sunglasses on and climbed into the van.
“Any longer out there and we’d have to call you prune boy.” Taylor smiled.
“PRUNE BOY!?” Zac yelled and hit Taylor on the arm. Taylor kept laughing although it hurt where Zac had hit him.
“Would you two just get in the van!” Ike yelled, pushing them in.
“You boys at it again?” Walker smiled as he walked around to the driver’s side of the van.
“Oh, I was just picking on Zac.” Taylor said and playfully messed up Zac’s hair.
“Don’t touch the hair!” Zac said, removing Taylor’s hand from his head. The rest of the Hanson children and their mother climbed in the van and they were off for sound check and the concert.

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