Small World

Chapter 8 - A Giant Problem

Taylor let out a small moan. His eyes fluttered open and he had to blink a few times to get his eyes to focus. He slowly sat up, grabbing the back of his head where he had hit it.
"Oh my head," he said to no one.
He then looked up and a rush of fear ran through him as he remembered what had happened. He stood up, forgetting his head-ache, and looked around, panicking. He felt tears in his eyes due to his fear.
"Matt?" he said. He got even more scared.
"MATT!!" he yelled.
He then saw a door nearby start to open. There was nowhere to hide. He ran to the wall, right next to the opening door, and pressed his back against it. He looked up as the biggest, fattest, ugliest giant he had ever seen came out of the door. He saw that the giant was reading some papers. The giant didn't see Taylor. Taylor was relieved but all too soon because the giant's paper's fell to the floor right in front of him. Taylor's eyes widened because one was only about two inches away from him. He froze with fear as the giant man began to pick up his papers. The man was getting closer and closer until he reached the paper that was right in front of Taylor. As the man grabbed the paper, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He looked in that dierection, and right at Taylor. The man's eyes grew wider, as did Taylor's.
"Wow!" the man whispered at the sight of this tiny person. Taylor panicked and took off running, there was no point in hiding now.
"Hey! Come back here!" the man said as he ran after Taylor.
The man spotted an empty wastebasket and grabbed it. When he was close enough, he dropped it on Taylor, trapping him inside. Taylor, not being able to stop in time, ran right into the side of the can. He fell back and rolled onto his stomach, moaning in pain. The man lifted up the basket, revealing his discovery. Before Taylor could react, the man picked him up by the back of his shirt.
"Hey Let me go!" Taylor yelled, full of panic.
The man stood up with Taylor hanging from his fingers. The man looked at him and laughed such a sinister laugh that it sent shivers up Taylor's spine. The man continued to laugh as he dropped Taylor into his other hand. Taylor yelled and curled up for protection as the man cupped his other hand over him. There was no way Taylor would get away now. The man walked into his office and literally dropped Taylor onto his desk. The man then turned on the desk lamp and looked at his tiny treasure. He didn't want him to get away so he dumped some flowers out of a vase and dried it out. (The vase was clear resembling a huge drinking glass) Taylor saw his chance to escape and tried to run. The man turned around.
"Oh no you don't," he said as he put the vase over Taylor, who hadn't even gotten close to the edge of the desk. Taylor turned to look at him.
"Let me go you big, fat giant!" The man's eyes widened, then he laughed that evil laugh of his.
"You can talk too, " he laughed harder, "You're gonna make me rich!"
Taylor didn't like the sound of that. The man then turned the light off.
"Good-night my little gold-mine!" He walked out of the office laughing. Taylor began hitting the glass with his fists.
"Hey! Let me outta here! Let me go!"

He then jumped as he heard the door slam. He decided to check the glass. No way out. He knew he was trapped. He fell to his knees, wrapping his arms around himself. He let all of his fear out. He cried. He suddenly remembered the first time he was trapped by a giant. It was how he met his best friend. He smiled at the thought but the smile quickly faded because he had a feeling that this one would not be as friendly.

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