Small World

Chapter 9 - Freak?

Matt was pacing back and forth in his room. He just had to think of something. He looked to his nightstand where Zac was sitting. The tiny boy had his knees drawn to his chest, his arms around them. He was crying. He then looked to where Issac was sitting on his desk. He was giving Matt a look that made him feel even worse. He saw Isaac wipe a single tear away and then look to the window. Matt knew they were as angry as they were sad, and with good reason. He had broken a promise. He had lost their brother and his best friend. He thought back to earlier that night.....

"I can't believe this! I trusted you Matthew! I KNEW my boys weren't safe with you! You're just a cruel, untrustworthy giant! You're all the same! I don't know HOW I could've been so stupid!" Mr. Hanson yelled angrily as he hugged Mrs. Hanson, who was crying due to anger and worry for her son.
Matt looked down, feeling horrible, "I'm so sorry."
"Sorry isn't good enough! Sorry won't bring our son back to us, now will it Matthew!?"
"Listen Mr. Hanson, I'll understand if you don't believe me, but I promise I'll find him."
Mr. Hanson sighed, "You had better, or my boys will no longer come around you. I'm not even sure I trust you to find my son."
"I will find him," Matt said reassuringly," I won't give up until I do."
"I hope you mean that because you lost him. That means you better find him. This world of yours is much to big for any of us to even come close to finding him," Mr. Hanson said with tears forming in his eyes.
He felt guilty not being able to help his son, "You MUST find my son Matthew!"
"Don't worry, I will."
"And if anything happens to him, I'll never forgive you."

Matt shook away the memory, "I HAVE to do something!" Matt decided that first thing in the morning, he would go back to that building, appointment or no appoinment, and search it from top to bottom until he found his best friend. He just hoped that Taylor was still in the building and that he was alright. Little did he know that his best frined was in serious trouble.


Mean while, Taylor was now curled up in a ball, laying on his side, inside the glass prison. He too was crying. He kept having visions of what the giant man might to do him: torture him, squish him, or the worst, eat him. The man was pretty fat, God only knows what he eats. He shook the thoughts away.

He looked at the window into the sky,"God, please help me. I'm so scared. I just wanna go home." With that, he began to cry harder.

Usually, he felt embarrassed to cry, but now, his fear was overwhelming and the crying was a bit of a comfort. Unfortunately, not a big comfort. Taylor jumped when he heard someone at the door. He stood up quickly, fearing what might be behind it. Fear gripped him even tighter when he saw who it was. It was the giant man. The man came into the room whistling and what looked like a dance. Taylor saw him put some papers on a table by the door. Then the man quickly turned and looked at Taylor, letting out a laugh that was so hysterical that it made Taylor jump and back up as far as he could in his confinement. Then the man walked to the desk and peered into the glass.
"This is perfect! Day after tomorrow, I'm gonna be RICH!" He laughed again.
He saw Taylor looking not only scared, but confused.
"Would you like to know how?"
Taylor just looked away and slid to his knees leaning his back against the glass. The man got angry at his silence and quickly pulled the glass away, causing Taylor to fall onto his back. The man bent over Taylor.
"You had better talk to me or I'll squash you right now!"
Taylor got scared but thought of something. He stood up, feeling confident.
"You'd squish a gold mine?" he said with a smile, thinking he had won.
The man slammed his hand onto the desk with such force that the vibration knocked Taylor off his feet. Before he could get up, the vase was back over him.
"No worry," the man said, "I'll be rid of you soon you little pest!"
Taylor's eyes widened as he stood up and pressed his hands against the glass.
"What are you gonna do to me?"
The man smiled, "You really wanna know?"
"Yes," Taylor said feeling scared but curious.
"I'm gonna sell you to a freak show. They just love strange and unusual things." Taylor felt anger growing inside and he forgot his fear.
"You can't sell me! I don't belong to you! You'll never get away with this! My best friend is a giant and he will save me! You'll NEVER get away with it! I'll run away if you lift the glass you big, fat, ugly giant!" Taylor yelled, his voice cracking with anger and fear.
"If you try to run I'll squash you for sure!"
"What about your money!?"
The man hit the desk again, making Taylor jump, "My sanity is more important you little freak!" With that said, the man turned and left, slamming the door. Taylor could feel the hot tears of fury forming in his eyes. He angerly swiped them away with his fist and then hit the glass with his hand. He took a couple deep breaths to calm down. Then it hit him.
"What if I never see my family again?" He then thought of what the man had said. Never before had he been considered strange and unusual. He understood it though. They thought the same thing about giants. But there was another thing he remembered, "I'm a freak?" Between that and missing his family, the pain was unbearable. Taylor walked to the middle of the glass prison and lay down. He curled up and thought he might as well try to get some sleep. It was clear that he wasn't gonna get out any time soon anyway.
He looked again to the window, tears formed in his eyes again, "Oh God, help me. His soft sobs soon lulled him into a restless sleep.

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