Small World

Chapter 7 - Tragic Fun

It was now Saturday afternoon. Matt was getting ready to go to see his Aunt. His gym bag sat on his bed all packed and ready for the long bus ride. He was brushing his hair when his mother came in,
"Matthew, it's time to go. You're NOT going to be late today or you'll miss the bus and I am NOT gonna drive you."
Matt put his brush down and grabbed his gym bag putting it over his head and resting it on his shoulder so that the strap was going across his chest and the bag was right in front of him.
"It's ok Mom, I'm ready."
His Mother grabbed at her chest, mocking a heart attack, eyes wide.
"Oh my gosh! I think I'll faint. You're ready on time!"
"Very funny Mom." He kissed his Mother on the cheek and ran out the door.


Matt climbed onto the bus that would take him downtown. He sat down by himself and set his bag on his lap. He looked around to make sure no one was looking. No one was so he unzipped his bag revealing some soft towels.
"Hey guys!" he whispered. A towel was tossed back and Isaac, Taylor, and Zac revealed themselves.
"You guys ok in there?" Matt asked.
"Yeah," Taylor said," but when do we get to start seeing some stuff?"
"Soon. I can't let you out now there are too many people around."
Just as he said that a man sat down next to him.The boys covered back up to hide themselves and Matt zipped the bag.
The man gave him a inquisitive look.
"Your, um, talking to your bag?" The man said.
"Ummm, Yeah! I like to give my towel a pep talk. It, um, helps it to absorb more sweat so I can play longer." The man raised his eyebrows, shook his head, and began to read the paper. He looked at Matt.
"By the way kid."
"You need help!"
"Umm ok I'll look into that. Thank you."
The man now gave him the "are you serious" look. He then got up and left. Matt let out a breath of relief when he heard small laughs coming from the bag. He unzipped it and looked inside.
He lifted the towel to reveal three hysterical brothers.
"You give your towel a pep talk!?" Isaac asked, laughing very hard.
"Ha Ha Very funny!" Matt said sarcastically.
"Yeah," Taylor said, laughing as well, "it is!"
Matt looked at Zac.
"Well, you got something to say?" Zac just laughed all the harder.
"OK then be that way. What was I supposed to say, 'No I'm not talking to my bag I'm talking to the three little people who are inside'?"
"Come on Matt we're sorry. But you have to admit that it was funny." Taylor said apologetically.
"I know Taylor but people are starting to look at me funny 'cause I'm talking to a gym bag. We can't talk anymore until we get there." Some one else walked by.
"See ya," Matt said as he zipped the bag.


Matt now entered a tall building downtown. He went up to the front desk.
"Excuse me, can you please tell me where I can find Natalie Stevens?"
The clerk looked through the list, "Room 109, 11th floor."
Thank-you." And with that, Matt was on his way.
Matt got there and knocked on a huge door. A young women answered.
"MATTY!" she said and hugged him, "I've been expecting you! How have you been?"
"Hi Aunt Nattie, I'm fine. You?"
"Can't complain." She looked down, "What's in the bag?"she said as she turned and walked to her desk.
"Oh, just a bunch of junk."
"HEY!" came a voice from the bag. His Aunt turned and looked at the bag and then at Matt. He let out a nervous laugh and shrugged his shoulders. She ignored the noise and went about her business.
"So, you wanted to ask me something?"
"Ummm, yeah I...." The door opened,
"Natalie, the Boss wants to see you."
His Aunt sighed, "I'll be right back. Give me about five minutes."
With that, she left. Matt put the bag on the desk and unzipped it. The three brothers looked up at him.
"You guys are gonna get me into so much trouble. You need to keep quiet when this bag is zipped."
"Sorry," they all answered.
Matt looked at a window and back at the bag.
"I wanna show you guys something."
He carried the bag over to the open window and set it on the window sill. He reached in bag and lifted Taylor out, him being the most curious. Taylor climbed out of Matt's hand and his eyes widened at the view.
"WOW!"he said as he looked out over the city.
Isaac came up behind him, "Whoa, it's beautiful."
Zac came up next, "Whoa, this rocks!" he said.
The three brothers stood in awe while Matt awaited his Aunt's return. A few minutes later his Aunt came in the door.
"Matty." Matt jumped and turned around, blocking her view of the tiny trio.
"We can talk now."
Some one from outside the door started to talk to her again so she looked out the door. Matt turned around and put both hands down. The three boys quickly climbed into his hand and he put them back in the bag. He zipped it and turned around as his Aunt looked back at him. He gave her an innocent smile.
"Ok," she said, not wanting to know why he was being so unusual. They then discussed his visiting for the summer.


By the time they were done, they were some of the last people in the building. He told his Aunt "Bye" and began to walk down the quiet hallway of the huge building. His watched beeped at 9:00.
"Oh No!!"
Matt had five minutes and it was a ten minute walk. He unzipped the bag.
"Guys, hang on, I'm gonna have to run to catch the bus."
He then zipped the bag and took off. Inside, the boys were being bounced around. Matt came around the corner and his bag caught on a janitor's cart. Everything fell and the bag tore on the side. This sent the brothers flying around the bag and Taylor right to the hole.
"TAYLOR!" Isaac and Zac yelled as their brother fell through the hole.
Taylor fell to the floor hitting his head. Isaac and Zac looked through the hole. Taylor was unconcious. They tried to get Matt's attention but he didn't hear them.
"I'm so sorry I didn't mean to run into you," Matt said to the janitor.
"It's ok kid."
With that, Matt took off once again and the janitor stood folding some towels for the bathrooms.
Matt got outside and by now it was dark. He put the bag down and opened it. The towels were a mess. He moved some and revealed a sad looking Isaac and Zac. Zac had tears in his eyes.
"Guys, are you ok? Where's Taylor?"
Isaac looked angry now.
"He fell out! It's all your fault! The bag tore! You promised nothing would happen! Now our brother is GONE!"
Matt looked at the bag and sure enough there was a hole in it.
"Oh No!" He looked at the two brothers.
"Don't worry, I'll get him back."
He zipped the bag and ran back to the doors. A security guard stopped him.
"Sorry, no non-employees after 9:00."
"But my Aunt works here!"
"Is she expecting you?"
"Well, no, but...."
"Then I can't let you in."
"But I left something in there!"
"You'll have to get it tomorrow kid!"
"No!" Matt looked at the door. Fear gripped him as he thought about his friend.
"But what about Taylor?" He thought to himself.
Inside, the janitor still stood folding the towels. He hadn't noticed Taylor who was still unconcious about two feet away. The janitor finished and pushed his cart away. Taylor was left alone, on the floor, unconcious, in the strange world. The giant's world.

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