Small World

Chapter 6 - Show Me Your World

Matt walked into his room after school. It was now five years later. He came in and saw Taylor sitting on the windowsill. He walked over to get a better look at the now fifteen year old Taylor. Taylor just sat, his now shoulder length hair blowing in the wind that came in the window. Matt, now seventeen and with a short, spiky haircut pulled his chair over by the window and sat down.
"Taylor?" No response. Taylor just sat, staring out the window.
"Taylor, are you ok? What's wrong?"
Taylor looked sadly up at him.
"Matt, what's it like?"
"What's what like Taylor?"
Taylor pointed out the window.
"Your world."
Matt now understood. He had known Taylor for five years, his parents had met his brothers. As a matter of fact, Taylor finally told all of the other "small" people about them and they now had no fear towards his family. However, they did fear other giants. Taylor still had never set foot outside the Stevens' house. Matt knew that he yearned to see it up close and not just from the window.
He sighed.
"Taylor, I wish I knew a way to help you, but you and I both know that your parents, as well as the rest of your kind, would never agree to letting you go outside."
Taylor seemed to get even more sad. Taylor stood up and walked to the edge of the window.
"I just want to see it for myself, just once."
Matt felt sorry for Taylor. Taylor moved closer to the edge.
"Uh... Taylor.... could you come away from there you are really scaring me."
Taylor backed away from the edge and looked up at Matt.
"Isn't there some way that my brothers and I could get out there without being seen?"

Matt thought about it for a moment. He wanted so badly to help Taylor but he also knew that his parents would be strongly set against him leaving the house. As he was thinking, Taylor remembered something.
"Aren't you going downtown tomorrow to see your Aunt about something?"
Matt looked at him.
"Yeah, I'm going there to see if I can spend the summer with her."
Taylor smiled.
"Take us with you, please?"
Matt shook his head.
"Taylor, I'd love to help you but I don't think...."
"Please Matt! Please! You have to help me! If you don't get me outta here I'm gonna go crazy! Please! I mean, we have to get out sometime! You can't just leave us here all summer now can you?"
Matt looked at Taylor, and saw such a pleading look in the small boy's eyes. Taylor did also have a good point about the summer. Matt loved to hang out with him and his brothers. He couldn't
imagine spending the summer without them.
"Alright, I'll talk to your parents for you." Matt sighed.
Taylor smiled. "Thank-you."
Matt added. "But this is YOUR idea remember."
Taylor nodded. "Whatever you say."
Matt was uncomfortable with the idea but Taylor was his friend and he wanted to help him. Plus, he thought it would be cool to have his friends with him. It was a long bus ride downtown.


"YOU WANT TO DO WHAT!?" Mr. Hanson yelled later that night.
"Dad, please, just hear him out!" Taylor pleaded.
Mr. Hanson was not happy. "You stay out of this young man! I can NOT believe that this foolishness was your idea!"
"Dad PLEASE! Would you just LISTEN!?"
"I said stay out of this!"
Taylor huffed and then sat down hard in a coffee cup with one side broken off that they used as a chair and crossed his arms. Isaac and Zachary, or Zac as Matt now called him, watched on. Mr. Hanson looked up at Matt who was on his hands and knees so that he could speak with Taylor's parents.
"Matthew, I know you and my sons are good friends, but this is just out of the question. I trust you Matthew, but I still worry everytime my boys are with you."
"Mr. Hanson, I would never hurt them or put them in danger."
"You don't think this is putting them in danger?" Mr. Hanson asked sounding very frustrated.
"Mr. Hanson, I will make sure thay are safe the entire time. Please. Just think about it."
Mr. Hanson sighed. He looked over at Isaac and Zac. They looked at him with anticipation. He then looked at Taylor who looked at him with pleading eyes. Mr. Hanson looked at his wife who gave him an unsure look. She had clearly stated that she wanted no part of this foolishness. They exchanged looks that only a husband and wife could understand. Mr. Hanson looked back to Matt.
"Young man," Mr. Hanson began, "if anything happens to my boys out there, I'm holding you personally responsible. Do you understand me?"
"Don't worry, you can count on me."
"Yeah!" Isaac and Zac yelled giving each other a high-five. Taylor bolted from his seat and wrapped his arms around his father's neck.
"Thank-you Dad!" He then kissed his mother on the cheek. "Thank-you Mom!"
He then joined Isaac and Zac in their celebration. Matt smiled at his small friends, glad this had all worked out. Taylor, Isaac, and Zac were FINALLY going to see the outside world. The world of the giants.

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