Small World

Chapter 5 - Confessions and New Friends

Later that night, Matthew was laying in bed reading a book. He was so absorbed in the book that he had no idea that he wasn't the only one in the room. Taylor was quietly climbing out of the hole. Upon coming out, he lost his balance and fell. Matt thought he heard a noise but just ignored it. Taylor, however, was back on his feet and making his way across the bedroom. He got to the night stand and began to climb the cord of the lamp. Matt thought he heard another noise. He looked around but saw nothing. He layed back against the pillow and continued reading. A few minutes later he closed the book and was about to turn off the light. When he turned his head, Taylor was standing on his pillow.
"AHHHHHHH!!!!!" Matt screamed as he sat upright.
"AHHH!!! WHOA!!!!!" Taylor yelled equally frightened.
He had backed up and lost his balance. Matt watched as Taylor fell onto his back and did a backwards summersault off the bed and right in the waste basket. Matt hurriedly got out of bed and bent to the trash can.
"Taylor? Are you ok?"
He lifted up a piece of paper and Taylor looked up at him.
"Boy you giants sure are jumpy!" Taylor said.
Matt gave a small laugh, "Sorry 'bout that. Are you ok?"
Taylor nodded, "Yeah. Can you help me outta here please?"
Matt reached down and let Taylor climb into his hand. He also noticed a sock that Taylor was holding onto.
"Ummmm Taylor? Why do you have one of my socks?"
Taylor looked downward.
"I'm sorry Matt. I just wanted a souvenier of your world. I didn't mean to make you get in trouble. I'm sorry." He said as he handed Matt the enormous souvenier. Matt took the sock and let Taylor down on his pillow. He layed on his stomach in front of Taylor.
"Why on Earth would you want a sock?"
Taylor looked quizzically up at him. "Is that a bad thing?"
Matt smiled. "No, but it isn't the best thing to want to have. Tell ya what, I have something that is way cooler that you can have."
Taylor smiled. "Really?"
Matt nodded and he got up to retrieve something. He came back and resumed his position.
"Now, this isn't one the greatest things in the world, but I bet you've never seen one." Matt held out a bright, shiny penny. Taylor's eyes gleamed.
"Wow!" he said, "What is it?"
"It's a penny and it's yours." he said giving it to Taylor.
Taylor held it and to him it was the size of a steering wheel. He smiled up at Matt.
"Thanks Matt."
"Hey, no sweat kiddo."
Suddenly, without warning, Matt's mother came in the room.
"Matt, sweetie, who are you talking to?"
He jumped up. "Ummmmm, No one."
She gave him a skeptical look but decided to ignore it. She looked and there on the floor was one of Matt's socks.
She sighed. "Matthew, this is why your socks dissappear, because you leave them just laying around." She said as she moved to pick it up. As she bent over, she came face to face with none other than Taylor. Her eyes got wide and she screamed. This made Taylor scream as well. As Matt tried to calm his mother and explain, his father came in the room. Taylor saw him and panicked. He ran to where the pillow meets the headboard and hid between the two.
"What's going on in here? What's all the screaming?" His father asked.
"There was an animal, on the bed." His mother said.
"Mom! It's not an animal!"
She looked at him. "And what would you call it?"
"Mom! It's not an it! It's a him and he's my friend!"
Now both of his parents gave him a weird look. Matt sighed. He layed on his stomach again in an attempt to get Taylor to show himself.
"Taylor? Taylor, it's ok. It's just my parents. They won't hurt you, I promise. Please come out."
His parents both looked at the pillow curiously. What they saw shocked and amazed them. A tiny little boy peeked cautiously from behind the pillow.
"It's ok Taylor. Come on out." Matt said.
Taylor climbed onto the pillow and walked towards Matt.
"Mom, Dad, meet Taylor."
Mrs. Stevens kneeled down.
"Oh wow." She said just above a whisper. "Your so tiny."
Matt looked at Taylor.
"Well say hi, they won't hurt you."
Taylor looked at his parents.
"Hello Ma'am, Sir."
Mrs. Steven's smiled.
"Well aren't you adorable!"
Taylor blushed. "Thank you! Your pretty!"
She smiled.
"Well thank you!" She put her index finger out towards him and he grasped the tip of her finger with his tiny hand.
Mr. Stevens now spoke, "Your amazing!" This made Taylor afraid. He looked up at Matt and Matt looked at his father.
"Dad, you can't tell anyone about them. They are afraid of giants, well, not us, but other giants."
"Giants?" his father asked.
"Yeah," Matt answered. "We're giants, to them."
His father understood.
"Ahhh, I see." He looked at the tiny little boy.
"Don't worry, it will never leave this room."
Taylor smiled. "Thanks Sir."
From that moment on, the Steven's were all friends with Taylor. Taylor and Matt made a pact to always be friends and to stick together no matter what. They would help each other with thier problems no matter how "big" or "small" they may be. Their friendship would last for years to come.

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