Small World

Chapter 4 - This Is Nuts

Taylor walked the hallways that were the inside of the Stevens' wall. He had his brothers with him.
The oldest boy stopped, "Taylor, where are we going?"
Taylor stopped and sighed, "I told you it's a surprise."
The youngest boy got excited," I like surprises!"
"So come on." Taylor said.

They continued to walk until they came around a corner. The oldest boy, Isaac, stopped when he saw the hole up ahead. He grabbed Taylor's arm.
"Are you nuts?! This area is off limits! That's the giants home!"
"I know Isaac, that's where we're going."
Isaac's eyes widened, "You really are nuts, we're going home!" he said grabbing Taylor's arm again. Taylor pulled away and Isaac looked at him. It was obvious Taylor was determined.
"No Isaac! Stop being such a whimp!"
"Taylor, that's a giant, our enemy, of course I'm scared! He'll eat us!"
"He will not!"
"How do you know?!"
"Because I made friends with him."
Isaac's eyes got even wider. He grabbed Taylor's shoulders.
"Are you insane!? You made contact with a giant? You're lucky to be alive. How could you go out there?"
"I always go out there. He just snuck up on me that's all." He giggled, "I think I scared him as much as he scared me."
Isaac gave an unsure look.
"Come on he's not gonna hurt us Isaac. I mean come on, don't you wanna see their world? It's so cool! You're only twelve, not even a teenager yet. HAVE SOME FUN!!"
The youngest brother, Zachary, now spoke up, "I wanna see the giant!"
Isaac gave Taylor a look, "Great! Now ya got him started."
Taylor smiled at his seven year old brother, "Thank-you!"
He looked at Isaac, "At least SOMEBODY knows how to have fun!"
Isaac gave him another look. He then took Zachary's hand and walked towards Taylor, "We are going home, NOW!"
"Awww come on Isaac! You can't possibly tell me that you have never wondered about the giants. This is your chance to see one."
Isaac thought about it. "OK. But if we get eaten it's not my fault."
"He's not gonna eat us!"
The three brothers approached the hole and looked up. Matt was putting his flannel over his T-shirt. Isaac grabbed little Zachary, protecting his little brother.

"Matt!" Taylor called.
"Taylor be quiet! He'll hear us!" Isaac said in a whisper, still scared of the giant.
"That's the point." He yelled again, "MATT!"

Matt looked around. "Down here!"
He looked at the hole and smiled. He got on his hands and knees, "Well hey, you did come back."
"I said I would didn't I?" Matt saw Isaac and Zachary, "Who are they?"
"Those are my brothers. The little one is Zachary and the dorky one is Isaac."
"Hey!" Isaac said and gave Taylor's shoulder a push. Matt laughed.
"What's so funny?" Issac asked.
"You're defiantly human. Small, but human. You fight just like my brother and me."
"You have a brother?" Taylor asked, smiling.
"Yeah, he's fifteen."
"How old are you?"
"I'm twelve."
"See Isaac, he's your age and he knows how to have fun."
"How old are you Taylor?" Matt asked.
"I'm ten, Isaac is twelve, and Zachary is seven."
Matt looked at Taylor, admiring his red clothes.
He smiled, "What's with the red clothes?"
"Well, yesterday, when I was wearing brown, you probably thought I was a mouse or something, that's why you trapped me in the glass."
"He trapped you in a glass!?" Isaac said.
"Well, he let me go, and we're friends now, right Matt?"
"That's right 'little' buddy." They all laughed. They then heard someone appraoch the room. The brothers gasped and ducked. Matt's mother came into the room just as he stood up.
"Matthew! You are going to be late! Let's go!"
"Sorry mom."
His mother left. He looked at the hole and whispered, "She's gone."
The three brothers cautiously peeked throught the hole. "See ya after school guys."
"Matt?" Taylor said.
"Yeah?" Matt replied.
"Could you leave your book open so I can read it? It's kinda hard for me to open?"
Matt smiled and opened the book. He even put it on the floor by the hole.
Taylor smiled and looked up at Matt, "Thanks!" he said, excitedly.
They all jumped at his mother's voice, "Gotta go guys! See ya!"
And with that Matt left for school and Taylor took his brothers to see Matt's writings.

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