Small World

Chapter 3 - Gotcha!

"Matthew Michael Stevens! Get down here right this minute young man!"
Matt jumped at the sound of his mother's voice. He looked at the clock on his wall.

"Dang! I'm late again!" He jumped up and grabbed his back pack running out the door, leaving it open a little, and down the stairs. The sound of the front door closing could be heard from Matt's bedroom, as well as the hole in the wall. Once again, the small boy emerged from the small hole, ran under the desk, climbed up the cord, and began to read the giant's latest work. The small boy began to giggle as he read some of Matt's work. He was on his hands and knees crawling across the paper as he read. He began to giggle again. He had become so absorbed in the writings that he didn't hear the front door open. He was giggling so much that he didn't hear the footsteps on the stairs. And he was concentating so hard on crawling across the paper without wrinkling it that he certainly didn't hear the bedroom door open.

Matt had forgotten one of his books so he had come back to get it. When he opened the door, he jumped. There was something sitting on his notebook.
"Dumb exterminator," he thought,because of the brown color of the boy's clothes and the size, he thought it was a mouse. He looked around and saw an empty glass sitting on the shelf by his door. He quietly moved towards the intruder. He made his way to the desk and raised the glass, ready to capture the creature.

The small boy was so emerged in the writings that he had no idea of the happenings going on around him. Then, all of a sudden, he saw a shadow. His eyes widened with fear but before he could do anything, a large glass was put over him.

Matt looked into the glass to see what it was. He gasped when the creature turned around. His eyes widened. There inside the glass was a tiny little boy. The boy looked just as shocked as he did. Matt saw the small boy back up until he had his back against the glass opposite Matt.

"Wow!" Matt said.
The small boy then began to cry and shake. Matt leaned in closer to look at him. The small boy then slid down to his knees, put his hands over his ears and cried harder. Matt knew he was scared. He slowly lifted the glass away. The boy remained the same. Matt reached out and touched the small boy gently on the back.
"Hey?" he said.

The boy jumped and looked at him. Matt jumped as well. What happened next shocked Matt even more. The small boy looked at him.
"P-Please don't hurt me." Matt smiled a bit.

"Wow! You can talk. Amazing," he said as he leaned in closer. The small boy resumed his position of holding his ears and sobbing. Matt felt sorry for him. "Hey, what's wrong?"
"Just get it over with."
Matt looked confused. "Get what over with?"
The small boy looked at him, with fear in his small eyes. "Aren't you gonna eat me?"
Matt couldn't help but laugh.
"Eat you? Why on Earth would I do that?"
Now the boy looked confused.
"Isn't that what you do? Don't giants eat us? I thought giants always ate things that are smaller than them?"
Matt was now even more confused.
"Giants? What giants?"
The boy pointed a small finger at him. "You're a giant."
Matt thought for a second. "Oh, I see, I'm a giant 'cause I am so much bigger than you are." The boy nodded.
"Wow!" Matt said in awe.

Matt then thought of something. "Do you have a name?" The boy nodded. "Well, What is it?"
The small boy nervously answered, "Taylor." (bet ya didn't see that one coming:o) The small boy then seemed to calm a bit and looked up at Matt.
"What's yours?"
Matt smiled. "I'm Matt." The small boy then smiled as well.
He stood up and walked slowly and cautiously towards Matt. He was looking at him in pure awe. He had always wondered what a giant really looked like.
Matt smiled. "What's the matter, never seen a giant before?"
Taylor shook his head. "No. But I bet you've never seen a tiny person either."
Matt's smiled faded. "I guess you're right, I haven't. Are there more like you?"
Taylor nodded. He then got scared. He looked up at Matt.
"You can't tell anyone though. If giants find out about us, who knows what they might do to us. I mean, for all I know you might still wanna eat me!"
Matt tried to comfort the small boy. "I won't tell anyone I promise. And I already told you, I'm not gonna eat you Taylor, I promise. Besides, I'm a vegatarian."
They both smiled at that.

"Matthew!" Taylor and Matt jumped.
"Who's that?"
"It's my mom. I hafta go. Will you be here when I get back?"
"I live in your wall, I am out here everyday, even though I am not supposed to be, 'cause it's against the rules," Taylor said looking down.

"Oh?" Matt said.
Taylor looked at him. "Yeah, giants are dangerous, we're not supposed to make contact with them, but your nice, so I'm not gonna tell them about you 'cause I wanna talk to you."
Matt smiled.

"Matthew! Now!" Matt jumped and looked at the door. "Uh oh! I better..."
Matt stopped as he looked back at the desk. Taylor was no where to be seen.
"Down here." He looked down by his desk and saw Taylor inside the hole.
Matt laughed. "I thought I plugged that hole?"
Taylor smiled. "You did. But you didn't do a very good job."
"Thanks alot!' They laughed.

"MATTHEW!!" Matt looked at the door.
"See ya Tay... " Taylor was no where in sight.
"Quit doing that." He then heard tiny giggles from within the walls. He laughed and went downstairs.
"Well, we don't have pests, we have people," he thought laughing.

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