Small World

Chapter 2 - Uninvited Guest

Matthew Stevens was sitting in his bedroom writing at his desk. This was a hobby of his. Whenever he had free time, he would just sit and write whatever was in his head. He sighed trying to think of something else as he heard his mother callng from downstairs.

"Matt! Come on we're gonna be late!"

"Coming!" Matt replied as he dropped his pen and jumped up. He ran to the door and grabbed his jacket. He pulled the door closed behind him as he left only leaving it open a bit. He ran down the stairs and almost smacked into his mother. She gave him a stern look. "This is the third time this week young man. Are you gonna continue to be late for school everyday?" she asked, the annoyance showing in her voice.

"Sorry mom, I was writing something."

"I swear you and that writing. That is all you ever do! Now, there is nothing wrong with writing but you need to do other things. Like go outside." Mrs. Stevens continued her lecture as they went out to the car.

Meanwhile, back in Matt's room, something that would never be expected by anyone happened. While Matt and his family had all gone out to work and to school, thinking that there house was safe from all intruders, someone invaded their private little home. Through a hole in the wall, a small boy emerged. Now, normally when people think "Small boy" they think of a young boy. True, this boy was young, only ten years old, but there was something about him that made him different from Matt and his family. You see, rather than being four feet tall like most ten year olds, this small boy was only four inches tall. The hole in the wall was about the size of the mouth of a drinking glass. The boy looked cautiously around the room making sure it was safe. He smiled when he saw no sign of the "giants." He looked up to the table that held Matt's writings. He ran under the desk and to a lamp cord. With much effort, he climbed the cord and onto the desk. He happily ran over to the book filled with Matt's latest creations. He sat down on the huge notebook and began to read. He very much enjoyed the giants writings.

Many hours passed and the small boy fell asleep. A loud bang downstairs woke him up. He jumped and sat up, rubbing his eyes. He heard Matt's voice on the stairs.
"I'll be right back mom, I'm gonna put my books up." The small boy gasped.
There was a strict rule for his kind, never be seen by a giant. He ran to the edge of the desk and jumped down into Matt's pile of clothes and quickly ran to the hole. He got safely in the hole just as Matt opened the door. He peeked through the hole and saw Matt drop his back pack on the floor and run back out. The small boy breathed a sigh of relief. Then he realized something, he had been gone all day. He quickly ran back to his family thinking of what to say, because if they knew where he really went, he would be in a lot of trouble.

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