Small World

Chapter 1 - Pests

Our story begins in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stevens. It is a house located in a quiet neighborhood where nothing big is ever really expected. Little did this town know what was right under their feet.

Mrs. Stevens is in the laundry room doing her laundry. She is folding up the laundry when she comes up one sock short. She searches all over for the sock but can't find it anywhere. She sighed.
"That son of mine! I swear he loses more socks." She said frustrated.
She went about her business of putting the laundry away.

In the kitchen, Mr. Stevens is reading the morning paper. He was enjoyng a nice cup of coffee when all of a sudden he heard noises in the wall. He stopped and listened. Nothing. He shrugged it off and went about his business. He went over to the laundry shoot to put his tie in when he looked down. There on the fllor were things that looked like tiny animal prints.
"Honey!" he said. He got up and went to look for his wife. He found her in the bedroom.

"Honey, we have a problem, I think we have mice."

She jumped, "MICE!? Yuck! Oh Ben we have to get rid of them."

Mr. Stevens nodded, "I'm gonna call the exterminator." With that he went to the telephone book to look one up. They had to find out what exactly was in their walls, whether it be mice or other things.

About an hour later the exterminater showed up. He searched the house from top to bottom. He found nothing. He shook his head and turned to Mr. Stevens, "Well Sir, I see no sign that there had ever been anything in your house other than you, your wife, and your kids. Your house is pest free." he said with a smile.

"Well that's wierd. I could've swore that I heard noises in the wall. And what about that little water spots? How did they get there?"

"Now that I can't explain, but I assure you it was no pest."

"Alright. But if I find anything strange you'll be back."

"Sure thing Sir." With that Mr. Stevens showed the man out and stood puzzled, "If it wasn't pests, then what was it?" he thought to himself. He shook his head and decided to go for a drive. Maybe some fresh air would help.

What he didn't know was that he was being watched the entire time. After he went into the other room to get is jacket, the unknown spy ducked back into it's hiding place.

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