Small World

Chapter 16 - There's More?

Matt, Taylor, Isaac, and Zac were all sitting in Matt's room laughing. It had been a month since Taylor had been found but they all still remembered it. They sometimes made jokes about it, like they were doing at that moment. It had been a very emotional event when they all returned home.

Matt knocked on the wall above the hole in his room, "Mr. and Mrs. Hanson?"
He then let the three brothers out of his bag. Mr. and Mrs. Hanson emerged.
"What's going on, Matt? Did you find them?"
"HI mom. Hi dad." Taylor said. His parents looked at him.
"Taylor!" Mrs. Hanson yelled and ran to him. She kissed his forehead and hugged him tight,
"Thank God your ok!" Mr. Hanson walked up to Isaac and Zac. "And where did you two disappear to? Are you trying to scare your mother and I to death?"
"We're sorry Dad," Isaac answered. " We just missed Tay so much and we wanted to help find him. I mean, we are brothers and brothers help each other."
Mr. Hanson couldn't help but smile. He hugged both boys tight.
"I'm proud of you two." Isaac and Zac both smiled in their father's arms.

Now the boys would sit for hours and laugh about things like how fat Russ was and things like that. They all then heard the doorbell downstairs. They heard muffled voices down stairs and figured that Matt's parents had company. But a few moments later, there was a knock at Matt's bedroom door. They all looked up. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac got scared. They feared to may be a stranger. Matt took his chances.
"Um, come in?" The door opened and there stood Philip.
"Am I interrupting anything?"
"Philip!" They all yelled filled with happiness. They hadn't seen him since he left the house that day a month ago. They all noticed the police suit that he was wearing.
"Hey Phil," Matt said. "What's with the get-up?"
"I'm a real police man now. What I've always wanted to be."
They all congratulated him and told him how happy they were for him and how much they had missed him. Phillip then looked at Taylor.
"Hey kiddo, how's your head?" He asked refering to Taylor's wound. Taylor touched the now tiny cut.
"Oh, it's ok. I've missed you."
"I've missed you too, shorty," Philip said jokingly.
"Hey! I may be small but you don't have to rub it in!" Taylor said laughing. Everyone else laughed as well.
"Well hey," Philip said.
"I came by because I have a surprise for you three," he said pointing to the three small brothers, 'and you too in a way,' He said to Matt."
He told the three boys to get thier family and so they did.

An hour later, Matt and his parents, Isaac, Taylor, Zac, and their parents, and Philip arrived at the police station. They all went inside. The Hansons were nervous because they were just being held in Matt's hands, with no cover. Philip had told them that they had nothing to worry about and that they didn't need to hide. They didn't understand why and were quite scared.
They all went inside the police station and Philip led them to a special room. The Hanson's and Steven's all noticed a small hole in the wall that was about their size. They were all curious about this and would soon find out the answer. Philip opened the door and led everyone inside. They were all stunned. There before them were literally hundreds of tiny people. The Hanson's were filled with awe. Matt set them down so they could explore. All of the tiny people were looking at the new comers. Taylor was smiling at this discovery. There before him were hundreds of tiny people of all different ages and colors. He smiled when he saw some that looked like Philip.
"Wow!" he said in a whisper.
The Hanson's all began to talk to the other tiny people. They soon found out that the entire police department knew about them. When Philip had been introduced to this world of small people he imediately told them about what had happened and how he had met Taylor and his family. The Sheriff then made a call to the Mayor. That was the next big surprise for all the little people.

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