Small World

Chapter 17 - A Happy Ending

Everyone from the town was gathered together. The giants and the tiny people all talking and laughing. The Mayor got up to the podium and everyone settled. He then proceeded to let a tiny person step out of his hand and up to the microphone. The Mayor spoke.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is said that all men are created equal. That we should treat one another with dignity and respect. That we should help our fellow man when ever he is in need.
These people," he said pointing to the little man on the podium, "are just like you and me. Just because they are small, doesn't mean that they should have to live their lives in fear. Fear of what people like us might do to them. One man has given them good reason to fear us. But Ladies and Gentlmen, I want to show them that they have no reason to fear us. That is why from this day forth, I declare that all humans, great and small, shall get along. Ladies and Gentlemen, from this day forth, giants and tiny people shall live in harmony!"
The Mayor then let the little man speak.
"All our lives, we have had to live with the fear of getting caught or hurt by one of your kind. But now, thanks to you kind people, we no longer have to. Thank you all so much and may God Bless You All." He then smiled.
"It is spoken." The Mayor and the little man, who was the leader of the small people, both signed a paper decreeing this new law. The crowd then cheered. Matt leaned against one of the huge blocks that surrounded the park where the town was. They resembled small, shoulder high, pillars. Taylor and his family sat on the top of it. Taylor then got up and walked to Matt.
"Thanks Matt."
"Why are you thanking me?" Matt asked confused.
"Because, if you hadn't taken my brothers and I into your world, then this never would have happened. Sure, we got into trouble because of it, but it all worked out for the bast." They both smiled.
"Well you're my best friend. I just wanted to help you live out your dream."
"Thanks Matt."
"Anytime Taylor-my-man!" He said holding up his hand for a high five.
Taylor then smacked Matt's giant hand with his tiny hand. They both laughed. They knew that they would be friends for a long time, and they were. From that day forward, they remained the best of friends, and they still are, from now until the end of time.

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