Small World

Chapter 15 - A Triumphant Victory

Matt and his Aunt were walking down towards the elevator.She had a little trouble believing Matt's story but when she saw the sincerity in his eyes, she knew he was telling the truth. It turned out that she knew someone who works in the mail room and that she might be able to sneak Matt in.
"Stay here sweetie I have to take a quick restroom break... ok?" Matt nodded and his Aunt left for the restroom.
As he stood there waiting, he heard some yelling coming from a room a couple doors down. He decided to check it out. As he approached, he noticed that the door was open and peeked in. Russ and Philip were fighting.
"How could you? It's your fault! You did this to him!" Philip yelled, with tears in his eyes for his friend.
"Me? Your the security guard! You were supposed to watch him! If you had done your job he wouldn't have gotten out and none of this would have happened!" Russ yelled back angrily.
"You're the one who wanted to be rich you selfish jerk!" Philip yelled back.
Matt had a really bad feeling, "Philip?"
"Matt!?" Philip said.
"What's going on?"
"Um, nothing. What are you doing here?"
"I was um, looking for my friend," Matt said in a knowing tone. Philip put his head down sadly.
"Phil, what's wrong?" Philip looked to the floor, motioning for Matt to look.
"Oh my gosh! NO!" Matt said and knelt down by Taylor. "Taylor? Can you hear me? Please! Please answer me!"
Taylor didn't respond. Matt gently put his index finger on Taylor's tiny chest. He was breathing.
"He's alive!"
Russ and Philip both got a little closer. Matt gently lifted his tiny, injured friend from the pile of glass and placed him gently on the table.
"Oh God! Please let him be ok?" he said tears falling from his eyes. "Please wake up Taylor. I'm so sorry. I never should have brought you out here."
Taylor just lay on his back, unconscious. Matt saw blood coming from a cut on his forehead. He felt horrible. He felt it was his fault that Taylor was hurt.


Mrs. Stevens walked into the lobby of the same building that Matt had come into the past two days. She went up to the desk clerk.
"Excuse me, have you seen a boy about seventeen with short brown hair?"
"No Ma'am. I'm sorry."
"Oh. Well can you tell me where Natalie Stevens is? She's his Aunt. He may be there."
"Sure." He went to the computer. What Mrs. Stevens didn't know was that she hadn't come alone. Isaac sat in her purse peeking through the tiny opening where the zipper was slightly undone. He ducked back down and looked at Zac.
"They're looking for Matt. The man is is gonna tell her where he is. Taylor might be with him."
"Oh I hope we find him. I really miss him." Zac said sadly.
"Me too." Isaac said. He looked back out of the opening. He heard the man speak.
"Room 109, 11th floor."
"Thank you very much." With that, Mrs. Stevens was on her way to find her son.
When Mrs. Stevens came out of the elevator she saw Natalie.
Natalie turned around. "Oh hi! Are you looking for Matt?"
"Yes. Is he here?"
"Well he was. But when I came out of the restroom he was gone."
They then heard strange noises coming from the open door down the hallway. One of the voices sounded like Matt. They headed for the open door. When they came in they were shocked at what they saw.
"Oh my gosh! Matty is that the friend you were telling me about? Russ! What did you do to him and don't try to deny it! Matt found him in your office!"
Natalie then took Russ to the side to find out what happened. Mrs. Stevens knelt next to where Matt was.
"Oh sweetie, he is he ok?"
"I don't know. He won't move."
Isaac heard this from inside the purse where Mrs. Stevens had set it on the table next to Taylor. He peeked out again. His stomach dropped when he saw his little brother laying on the table.
"Taylor! No!"
Everyone jumped at the voice. Isaac then climbed out and helped Zac out. Once they were on the table, Isaac ran to Taylor.
"Where did you two come from?" Mrs. Stevens asked.
Zac looked at her innocently, "We snuck in Ma'am."
He then ran to Taylor. He and Isaac knelt down next to Taylor. Isaac lifted Taylor's upper body into his arms. He and Zac both felt tears in their eyes. All four giants were now gathered around. Isaac pulled his sleave over his hand and pressed it to Taylor's wound.
"Oh Taylor, please wake up," Isaac said sadly. He looked at Matt.
"What happened to my brother!?" he yelled.
"I'm so sorry. I never should have taken you guys out of the house. I'm so sorry. Is he ok?"
"How should I know!" Isaac yelled, the tears now falling down his face.
"Taylor? Taylor! Taylor please wake up!" he yelled, shaking Taylor's shoulders.
Taylor then let out a tiny moan. Everyone held their breath in anticipation.
"Taylor?" Isaac said. Taylor moaned again and his tiny eyes slowly fluttered open. He looked up at Isaac.
"Taylor? Are you ok?" Isaac asked.
Taylor sadly shook his head and said, "It ain't easy being small."
Everybody laughed and were thrilled that he was ok. Isaac hugged the now smiling Taylor to him and Zac put his arms around his big brothers.
"This is amazing!" Russ said, "A whole family! This is great!" He laughed the evil laugh. Taylor then looked fearfully up at him, as did Isaac and Zac as the brothers clutched each other tighter.
Philip grabbed Russ by the collar of his shirt. "You are not going to touch them do you understand me?"
"Get off of me you little creep!" Russ yelled.
"Sorry," Philip said. "Wrong answer." He then hit Russ smack in the face. Russ fell back and grabbed his jaw.
"You're fired!" he yelled.
"You can't fire me," Philip said. "Besides, I quit the second you came back in this room. It was then that I realized that I can't stand looking at you any more. You make me sick! See ya 'round tubby."
Philip then looked at Taylor who was smiling at him.
"Come on little guy, let's get you home." He then helped Taylor, Isaac, and Zac into Matt's bag and offered to give him, his mom, his aunt, and his little friends a ride so they didn't have to take the bus. They all accepted and headed home. Taylor was so happy, he missed his family. The three brothers sat huddled togeher in the bag, thankful to be together again.

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