Small World

Chapter 14 - Your Luck's Just Run Out

Matt and the guards came out of the elevator and saw his Aunt.
"Oh my gosh! Matty what happened?"
"This young man was trespassing in the mail room. Natalie you know that area is off limits to anyone who doesn't work down there." One of the guards said. His Aunt looked at him.
"Why do you insist on disobeying me? I told you not to go down there. I thought you had more sense than that."
"I'm sorry Aunt Nattie," Matt answered.
His Aunt looked at the guards, "I'll take him now, and I assure you he WON'T do it again. Will you Matty?"
"No Ma'am." With that, the guards left.
"Now, you wanna tell me why you were down there?"
"Look Aunt Nattie, I'm really sorry. Please don't be angry."
"I'm not angry, I just said that stuff so they would get off my back. Now, tell me why you were down there."
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. But, I do need help, so, ummm, Aunt Nattie? Can we go somewhere and talk privately? I have some things to tell you."
"Sure. We'll go to my office. Come on." With that, they headed for her office so that he could tell her about Taylor and his brothers and why he needed to be in the mail room.


Taylor had fallen asleep due to exhaustion from the fear he had and all he had done to get this far. Suddenly, there were muffled voices and the box was set down. The jolt woke Taylor up. He looked around and fear shot through him. For a second, he forgot where he was and feared he may have been captured again. He then heard voices.
"Well Philip, I hope this is the package you were waiting for."
"Yeah me too. Thanks Dean. Take care." With that Dean left and Philip went over to the box.
"Philip?" Taylor thought, remembering where he was.
"Philip!" he yelled.
Philip looked at the box with wide eyes. The box was talking?
"Philip!" He heard again from within the box.
"Um, yes?" Philip said unsure.
"Philip, it's me Taylor. Let me out! I have to talk to you!"
Philips eyes grew wider, if that was even possible. He ripped the tape off and opened the flaps. Sure enough, Taylor sat there looking up at him.
"Taylor!? What on earth are you doing here!? Better yet, how did you get here!?"
"Philip, I couldn't leave without you! You deserve to be free too." Philip reached in and lifted Taylor out setting him gently on the table. He then moved the box to the floor.
"Taylor, what are you talking about?"
"Russ. He's so mean to you. You don't deserve to be here any more than I do! Please come with me! I can't leave knowing your here with that ugly freak!"
"Taylor, I appreciate what you're doing, but I have to stay. It's my job."
"No buts. Now, how did you get here?"
"Well, Matt came and got me out, then I got away from him, and it gets kinda weird after that, but lets just say I landed in the right place at the right time."
"Man! Matt must be having a fit looking for you! I have to get you outta here. If Russ sees you we're both in alot of trouble."
Just then a glass slammed over Taylor, trapping him inside.
"How right you are," Russ said.
"Hey let me go!" Taylor yelled.
"Shut up you little twerp!" Russ then looked to Philip. "You had him all along didn't you? You were trying to steal my fame, my fortune."
"No Russ! I had nothing to do with this."
"Liar!" Russ yelled, hitting Philip. Russ then proceeded to hit him again and again, until they were in a fist fight, Philip simply defending himself.
"Stop it! Leave him alone!" Taylor yelled, scared for Philip. He hit the glass and it shook a little. It was a lot lighter that the last one. He looked to the men fighting.
"Stop it!" he yelled. "Philip!"
He tried to push the glass over but it wouldn't go. Finally, he got mad and desperate and threw his body into the side of the glass. The glass fell over and rolled to the edge falling of the table, with Taylor inside.
Philip and Russ heard a crash and looked towards the table. Taylor wasn't there.
"Where is he!?" Russ yelled.
"Oh my gosh, Taylor!" Philip yelled. There on the floor lay Taylor in a broken heap of glass, eyes closed, not moving.

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