Small World

Chapter 13 - Lucky Day?

Matt was in the elevator on his way down to the mail room.
"I can't believe he didn't stay put!" he kept saying. "Oh God let me find him."
Finally the doors opened and he was in the mailroom. He ran out of the elevator and into a hallway that would lead to the main room.
"Hey kid! Where do you think you're going?" an angry security guard yelled.
"Oh great!" Matt thought and took off running. He got as far as the main room entrance and and was stopped by another security guard.
"Going somewhere?"
"Yeah, I'm, uh, looking for someone. Please it's very important that I see them."
"Well give me their name and I'll tell them to meet you upstairs. It's to dangerous down here for you?"
"Yeah. All the machine are dangerous. You could get hurt if you don't know what your doing." Matt thought of Taylor. These machines were the size of a building to him. He knew Taylor was in serious trouble.
"Please, I'm not sure of the exact name, but I know the face. I'll be careful. It's very important."
"You don't know their name but it's very important?"
"Nice try kid. Now go back upstairs before I have you arrested for tresspassing."
"But my Aunt works here. Doesn't that count for something?"
"It sure does. It means she is responsible for you. So she will be the onewe talk to. Now let's go," The guard said grabbing his shoulder and leading him back to the elevator.
"Great," Matt thought, "Now I've lost Taylor AGAIN, and gotten my Aunt in trouble. Just perfect." As he thought of that, he kept remembering the word "dangerous". If it was so dangerous for him, what about someone five inches tall?
"Dear God please help him. And help me not to yell at him to much! Amen," he said in his mind. He was so angry at Taylor yet so scared for him at the same time.
"What am I gonna do now?"


Taylor sat under the machine silently watching the giants sort the envelopes and stack boxes. He wondered why they were doing this and what could possibly be in those boxes.
Then, a box was set down right in front of him and a giant spoke, "Hey Dean, can you take this unpstairs to Philip? I think it's the package he's been waiting for and I promised I would get it to him as soon as I could."
"Sure Maggie."
Taylor's eyes lit up and he smiled, "Philip? Looks like my luck is improving! But how am I gonna do this without being seen?"
He looked at the box from top to bottom. It wasn't a very big box. Then, he saw it. A hole close to the top of the box that resembled a handle. He smiled and looked up to make sure no one was looking. The giants were talking to each other. He ran for the box. He had to jump up to reach the handle.
He was now hanging on the side of the box. He was having trouble getting himself up. He then looked up and saw the giant approaching. He tried harder to get his leg up to the opening but it kept slipping. He saw the hands getting closer. Finally, his foot caught the opening and he pulled himself up and into the opening. Just as he went throught the opening, four giant fingers came through, almost touching him, they were so close. He sat staring at them for a moment, stricken with fear and relief at the same time. He then felt the box lift and start moving. He fell back onto the styrofoam clumps and lay breathing hard, still thinking of how close he came to being seen, again.
"Oh God, I'm still alive! Thank you!" With that he decided to relax until he got to Philip.
"I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It ain't easy being small."

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