Small World

Chapter 12 - A World Of Trouble

Matt was walking quickly down the hallway.
"Matt!" He turned around and saw his Aunt.
"Oh, hi Aunt Nattie."
"Sweetie, can you help me for a second?"
"Umm, I'm really in a hurry."
"It'll just take a second."
"Um, ok, sure"
"You can leave your bag here."
"I'd rather take it with me."
"It'll just get in the way. Nobody will bother it."
"Ok. I'll be there in a second then." He waited until she went around the corner. He set the bag down on a nearby table and made sure no one was looking.
He opened the bag, "Taylor, I have to help my Aunt. Just stay here ok?"
Taylor nodded. Matt then zipped the bag and left. Taylor sat in the bag on Matt's towel waiting for Matt to return and trying to figure out how to get Philip away from the ugly giant. He then heard a voice. He smiled recognizing it as Philip's. He stood up and after a little work managed to get the zipper opened enough to see out of. He peeked out and saw Philip. He was talking to someone around the corner but Taylor couldn't tell who it was. Then, Russ came around the corner. Taylor gasped and ducked back into the bag, praying that he hadn't been seen. He heard Russ' voice get closer.
"I'm gonna check on my tiny goldmine." Russ said, laughing his horrible laugh. Taylor's eyes widened. What's Russ gonna do when he finds out "his little goldmine" isn't there anymore? He then heard Russ leave. He peeked out again. He saw no sign of Russ.
"Thank God," he said. He then saw Philip walk down a hallway. With much effort, he managed to get himself out of the huge bag and onto the table. He went to the edge and saw a wastebasket full of wadded up papers, but it was a long way down. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, said a quick prayer for his safety, and jumped. He landed in the basket and it fell over from the momentum. Taylor rolled onto the floor along with most of the contents of the wastebasket.
He sat up and shook his head, "Geez, it ain't easy being this small."
He then remembered Philip. He looked up and saw him turn a corner. He got up and began to run after him, remembering to stay close to the wall.


About five minutes later, Matt returned. He saw that the zipper of his bag was open slightly, and he had left it closed. He ran to the bag and looked inside. Taylor was gone. Immediately he thought someone had found him and taken him. Then, something caught his eye. A piece of balled up paper. He looked next to the table and saw the over turned trash can. He then realized that Taylor had left on his own.
"Dang it Taylor! I told you to stay put!" he said on a harsh whisper. He grabbed the bag and went to search for Taylor. He decided to take the hallway with the little pieces of paper laying here and there.
"I can't believe he didn't stay put," Matt thought as he began his search.


Taylor followed Philip into an office where he was talking with someone. Taylor climbed onto a box to try and get his attension. But before Taylor had a chance to blink, the box was lifted, with him on top of it. The person had it on his shoulder so Taylor wasn't sure who had picked it up. He hoped it was Philip though. The person stopped walking and Taylor noticed a small ledge on the wall next to him. He climbed onto it and then saw who was carrying the box.
"Philip," he said with relief.
Taylor then heard Russ. He was why Philip had stopped.
"He's gone! How did he get out? You were supposed to watch him!" Russ was yelling.
"I'm sorry Sir, but I do have an entire floor to patrol."
"FIND him! Or I'll see to it that you are FIRED!" Russ said as he walked off.
Taylor felt bad that he had gotten Philip in trouble. He yelled at Philip but Philip didn't hear him and walked off. Sadly, Taylor backed up on the ledge up against the wall. He then wondered what the ledge was for. Seemed like a weird place to have one. Matt then came around the corner and saw Taylor.
"Matt! Oh man am I glad to see you." he said. He let out a sigh of relief and leaned against the wall. Matt came closer and without warning the wall gave way.
"Whoa!" Taylor screamed.
"Taylor! No!" Matt yelled as he ran to what appeared to be a shoot of somekind. Matt's Aunt came around the corner having heard him scream.
"Matty? What's wrong?"
"Aunt Nattie, where does this shoot go?"
"Well, it goes to the mail room. Why?"
"Oh no! How do I get there?"
"You can get there by the elevator but only staff can go there." Matt took off for the elevator.
"Matty wait! What's going on?"


"AHHHHHH!!!!!!! "Taylor screamed as he fell further and faster. He then got to the end of the shoot.
"Ooof!" He landed in a huge cart full of letters and envelopes. He opened his eyes. "I'm alive? I'm alive! Oh Thank God for soft landings!"
Then curious to know where he was, he crawled out from under some envelopes and peered over the side of the cart. His eyes widened and fear struck him at what he saw. Hundreds of giants. He had never seen so many before. He gasped and ducked down. Then, he heard a giant approach and then saw it. It was right above him. The giant, however, did not see him. Rather, it tossed a bunch more envelopes into the cart, covering Taylor. Taylor could feel the cart being moved. He yelled as he felt it dump over. The giant dumped the letters and envelopes onto a conveyor belt, along with Taylor. Taylor could feel himself moving along a shaky surface. He pushed the envelopes off of himself. Once again his eyes widened. He was headed for what looked like the mouth of a monster. This machine was way too scary. He looked around panicking. He saw a pile of letters and envelopes on the floor next to the conveyor belt.
"Here we go again." he said. When he was close enough, he jumped. He landed on the pile and slid down it to the ground with another, "Oof!"
"Ouch!" he then said. Then he saw some more giants approaching. He saw a place to hide under the machine and ran for it. He ducked behind one of the supports just in time. He peeked at the giants and then moved fully behind the support. He leaned his back against the support and then, tired, slid down to a sitting position.
"Oh God, what do I do now?" he said looking up. He then peeked out again at this strange place.
"And more importantly, where am I?"

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