Small World

Chapter 11 - The Rescue

It was now the next morning. Taylor lay sound asleep in his glass prison. He had fallen asleep shortly after the men had left. Suddenly, the door opened and Russ walked in. He looked at Taylor and saw him sleeping. He walked to the desk.
"Wake up!" he yelled. Taylor slightly stirred but didn't wake up. Russ got mad and he slammed his fist on the desk.
"Wake up!" Taylor jumped and was now awake. He slowly rolled over and looked up at the giant looming over him. His eyes widened and he gasped when he saw who it was. He sat up and slid until his back was against the glass.

"Go away! What do you want! Just leave me alone you big, ugly giant!"
The man gave him a scowl.
"Home?" he laughed, "You'd like that wouldn't you? Well that's too bad! Because you're not going home! Your going to be going to a far away land! And I shall be RICH!!!"
He then laughed that evil laugh. Taylor shivered at the sound.

"You won't get away with this! You'll see! Some how I will get out of here!" He said standing up.
"Don't count on it freak!" That word stung Taylor and made him cringe.
"There is no way you are EVER getting out of here! EVER!" He laughed again.
He then left the room still laughing. Taylor hit the glass with his fist as angry tears rolled down his cheeks. He turned and slid down the glass to a sitting position. His anger and rage was building.
"How can anyone be so cruel!?" He yelled into the air. "How can some one do something like this!? Why would they want to!? WHY!?"


Matt sat down on a bench in the lobby of the huge building he had been in the day before. He had been searching for Taylor all morning. He had checked around his Aunt's office and he had looked around where he ran into the janitor but he hadn't found Taylor. He felt defeated and hopeless. He looked up.
"Oh God , please let me find him," Matt said on the verge of tears. He was scared for Taylor. Phillip came around the corner and saw Matt. He smile. He had known Matt since he was five and his Aunt brought him to work with her one day.

"Hi Matt!"

Matt looked at him, "Hey Phil."

"Something wrong kiddo?"

Matt sighed. "Everything." Phil nodded, knowing the feeling.
"Hey Phil, this may sound crazy, but have you seen anything strange or out of the ordinary around here?"

Phillip laughed, "Yeah."

"Well what was it," Matt asked feeling hopeful.

"Promise not to laugh?" Matt nodded. "I saw a boy about five inches tall trapped in a vase and he was asking me for help."

Matt eyes widened. "Where is he?"

Philip looked at him. "You know him?"

"Yes! He's my best friend! Please, where is he?"

"Where's who?" Phil and Matt looked over and saw Russ approaching.

Matt thought fast. "My dog."

"Oh," Russ said. He pulled Phil to the side and said something to him. Matt sat back down. Russ started to leave and Phil came back over to him.
"I have to go but call me and I'll give you what information I can" He said as he pulled out a pad and pen.

"Uh..ok," Matt said.

Phil handed him the paper. "See ya kiddo and good luck," he said winking at Matt.

Russ rolled his eyes. "Phil! Today?"

"Sorry. Coming."

With that, Phil left with Russ. Matt sighed and looked the paper that Phil had given him. He gasped when he read it:
He's on the third Floor room 385.
Spare key above the door.

Matt jumped up and ran to the elevator.


Taylor sat in his prison feeling sad, lonely, and scared. He prayed for help. Little did he know that his prayers were about to be answered. He jumped when he heard someone unlock the door. When the door opened his heart sored.
"Matt!" he yelled.
Matt looked for Taylor's voice, happiness overwhemling him. "Taylor?"

"Over here Matt!"
Matt looked to the desk and smiled. "Taylor!"
He ran over and lifted the glass, freeing Taylor. Taylor ran to him and hugged his neck, which was quite awkward for the both of them.

Taylor let go and looked at Matt.
"I never thought that I would be so glad to see a giant."

"Are you ok Taylor?"

"I'm fine"

"Well come on let's get outta here and away from these crazy people."

"But what about Phillip? He isn't crazy. He's a nice guy. Can we take him with us?"

Matt smiled at Taylor. "I don't think so Taylor."

"But we can't just leave him here with that loud mouthed bozo! He should be free too."
Matt under stood what Taylor was saying. Phillip had worked there ever since he could remember. He had always wondered when he got to be with his family, if ever. He looked at Taylor.
"Look, we'll think of something but in the mean time I hafta get you home."
With that, Taylor jumped into Matt's gym bag, which Matt had sewn up, and they left the office.

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