Small World

Chapter 10 - Strange New Friends

Taylor was awakened from a fitful sleep covered in a cold sweat. He heard someone opening the door and froze. The over head light then turned on.
"He never did that before." Taylor thought. Curiosity got the best of him so he slowly turned towards the door. He jumped when he saw who it was. It wasn't the same man. This one was different. Taylor was confused by his skin color. Never before had he seen such a dark color in a person, big or small. He saw the strange man checking out some things in the office. He then proceeded to the window and made sure it was locked. He then turned around and Taylor saw him cross his arms.
The stranger laughed,"He says I had better make sure things are secure because he has something valuable in here. Yeah right! It looks like the same old, dumpy office to me."
Taylor then realized that this man wasn't in here because of him. In fact, the strange man seemed to know nothing of him. He saw the man start to walk out but then look at the desk, right at him. The man's eyes widened. Taylor got nervous and backed up against the glass. The man leaned in close and peered into the glass.
"Wow! You must be the valuable thing. Your so tiny. Wow!"
Taylor just looked down.
The man continued, "Wow, this is weird!"
Taylor looked up at him,"You're calling ME weird!? You're the one that looks like you have mud all over you!"
"Excuse me?" the man said.
Taylor stood up and walked closer to him, "Look at you! What's wrong with your skin? Why is it so dark? If you ask me, THAT is weird!" he said crossing his arms.
The man looked at him strangely, "You mean you've never seen someone like me?"
"You mean to tell me you don't know anything about different races?"
Taylor was confused, "You mean like when you run? Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?"
The man shook his head, "No, not those kind of races."
"What do mean then," Taylor asked innocently.
The man smiled,"Well, it's kinda hard to explain, but people have different colors and looks. It is what makes each of us different."
"Are there others like you?"
"Well sure, lots."
Taylor smiled, full of awe at this new discovery about giants, "Neat."
The man smiled at the boy, "How 'bout you?"
"Yeah, are there any more like you?"
Taylor frowned, thinking of his family, "Yeah."
The man noticed this,"Are you ok?"
Taylor looked up at him, "Yeah, I just miss my family."
Taylor then looked curiously at the man, "What's your name?"
The man smiled, "I'm Phillip."
Taylor smiled and repeated his name out loud, liking the sound of it. It was a name he had never heard before.
"What about you, what's your name?"
"Well, it's nice to meet you Taylor." Taylor then got nervous. He knew that this man knew the man that trapped him. What if this man was just trying to trick him so he would cooperate more. He looked up at the man, "Phillip? Are you... do you... I mean... Why are you here?"
"I'm the night watchman. I look after the place when everyone goes home."
"Do you work for the ugly giant?"
"The who?"
Taylor explained to him what he meant and what the ugly giant had done to him.
Phillip nodded, "Yeah, I do work for him. I work for everyone on this floor. I always thought he was no good, but taking you from your home, that just isn't right."
"So will you help me?"
"I'll see what I can do. But if I take you outta here, I could get arrested for stealing."
"But I don't belong to him!"
"I know that. Please try to understand Taylor. I..."
Taylor jumped when he recognized the voice as that of the ugly giant.
"Uh oh," Phillip said, "It's Russ."
Taylor got confused, "Who?"
"That's the name of the man, or as you call him, the ugly giant. Actually, it's a good name for him."
Taylor let out a small laugh but stopped when he heard Russ yell again. Phillip looked at Taylor, "Don't let on that I have talked to you. Just keep doing what ever you have been, ok?"
"That won't be to hard."
Russ came in and Taylor lay down quickly to look as if he was sleeping.
Phillip played it off, "Wow Russ! Is this the valuable discovery?"
"Yes. Isn't he amazing? He's gonna make me rich!"
Philip felt sorry for the boy. He knew he had to help him, but how could he do it without getting them both into serious trouble. He would think about it tonight during his shift, that is if Russ would ever shut up and go home. His laugh was so annoying to him. Taylor tried his best not to cringe when Russ laughed. Not only was it annoying, but it scared him beyond belief. Finally Russ left, forcing Philip to follow. The lights were turned out and Taylor was left alone, again.
He looked up, "Oh God, PLEASE let this work. I just want to go home to Mom and Dad and the others."
He lay down again, but looked up again smiling, "And thank you God for my new friend." With that, he felt a little more comfortable and fell into a deep sleep.

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