Color Of Blue

Chapter 16 - The Thirst - Continued

Taylor awoke with a start as he felt something touch his arm. He weakly raised his head and blinked to clear his blurred vision, seeing a strange creature, who hooted at him sitting on his right arm, that was stretched out in front of him. He swallowed hard feeling afraid to move.
"Dad?" Taylor whispered fearfully, staring at the odd looking creature still trying to focus his eyes.
"It's okay Tay. He has brought you some water. See it on his back?" Walker cooed softly.
"What is it?" Taylor asked curiously, seeing the bottle tied onto its back.
"It's called a Nettik. It won't hurt you Tay. It's Ike's little friend." Walker explained as Taylor turned his arm rolling the creature off very gently. It looked up at him and blinked curiously. Taylor dragged himself into a sitting position and reached out licking his lips. The Nettik suddenly made a hissing sound at him backing up a little. Taylor drew his arm back quickly.
"He won't let me take it off." Taylor tearfully whispered wanting to quench his thirst as he looked at the bottle of water longingly.
"Lucky!? Let him take it off! Hear me!?" Ike scolded as the Nettik listened cocking his ears back upon his head.
"Lucky?" Taylor chuckled hearing Ike make a command to the little creature.
"Don't ask Tay. Take the water now. He'll let you." Ike chuckled back as Taylor reached out and noticed this time the creature bowed its head letting him untie the strings. He shakingly took the bottle and the creature disappeared in a instant.
"Where did it go?" Taylor asked looking around as he held the bottle.
"It's back here with me now." Ike said.
"Oh. It's a fast little thing." Taylor responded smiling and quickly unscrewed the cap taking a huge gulp of water.
"Tay... take it easy. Drink it slow." Walker warned seeing Taylor drinking the water to quickly.
"Oh man... that tasted so good!" Taylor smiled regaining his senses as the water refreshed him.
"Can you stand up? You have to reach that area before it gets dark." Walker informed him. Taylor nodded standing up and rocked a little as he screwed the cap back onto the bottle. He looked around him trying to get his bearings. He started to walk when he heard a hissing sound behind him. He spun around with his heart dropping into his stomach.
"TAYLOR! RUN!" Walker screamed as the Faction spotted him and was heading straight toward him. Taylor took off running as fast as he could as the tears started to stream down his face with intense fear raging through his body. He could see a small ravine just before him and ran down toward it. He helplessly looked around him for some place to hide. He could see the dust on the plains coming at him at blinding speed.
"DAD! HELP ME!" Taylor screamed in anguish when he thought he spotted a hole. He quickly ran toward it and noticed the opening was small. He squeezed himself through gasping for breath as he felt along the wall fearfully. The cave was pitch black in darkness. He could feel the coolness of the cave as he slid in deeper and deeper. He stopped waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness when he heard the three aliens just outside sounding angry. He sat down against the wall wondering how deep this cave was, but was now to afraid to move. He wanted to remain still so they wouldn't detect him. He shut his eyes tightly suppressing a sob of anguish.
"Taylor?" Walker questioned sensing the overwhelming panic of his son.
Taylor sat hearing his father but was to rigid with fear to respond. He started to shiver violently when he heard them call out to him.

"We know you are here young one. You might as well give up!" Suolaej bellowed angrily trying to locate the boy. Yven scanned the area trying to figure out where the creature went.
"You can't get away this time!" Retah shouted listening intently for any sounds. Yven looked at her then at Suolaej.
"He is here somewhere. He could not have run that fast. He is only a human. He must be hiding." Yven stated searching for any caves or nooks in the ravine.

Taylor looked toward the opening that was several feet in front of him. He saw a slit of light where he entered. He sucked in a sharp breath of air, when he saw a shadow by the opening as the tears slid down his face.

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