Color Of Blue

Chapter 16 - The Thirst - Continued

"What is it?" Taylor asked jumping to the center rock and then turned hearing a moaning, sickening sound just behind him. He started to shake backing up a little.
"Stand very still my Taylor. It's the Emot again." Neque warned as Taylor nodded his head trying to desperately locate the creature, but he couldn't spot it. He knew it was close to him.
"I...I'm scared." Taylor murmured under his breath as beads of sweat started to form on his forehead.
"Just remain where you are and don't move." Walker stated as Taylor licked at his dry parched lips nervously. He saw a translucent like form stop in front of him. He stared at Taylor and then kept moving northward away from him.
"Dad? It's going away." Taylor thought watching the form still traveling up stream.
"Good. Just remain still a little longer until you can't see it anymore."
Taylor nodded his head watching the creature. Finally after a few minutes it seemed to disappear out of view.
"It..it's gone." Taylor rasped taking in a deep breath.
"Now come across and walk northward again." Walker informed him. Taylor jumped across the remaining stones and stepped carefully onto the bank. He sat down heavily onto the ground as his legs gave out from under him.
"Are you okay Tay?" Walker asked with concern. Taylor nodded his head and wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his right arm.
"Just feel a little dizzy. I'll be okay." Taylor mumbled as he slowly stood up still feeling his legs shaking a little. He began walking near the river again.
"The land looks so barren up ahead. Where do I go now?" Taylor asked squinting up at the sun.
"Just keep walking in that direction."
Taylor looked longingly at the river hating to leave it. It seemed the land before him had no life and looked so dead and dry. He began walking and noticed his left shoulder was starting to throb. He gingerly grabbed his lower left arm and pressed it against his stomach. He walked for several hours in silence again going up and down rocks. Hunger and thirst was starting to get to him.
"Dad? Still there? Please talk to me." Taylor pleaded as he finally sat down on a huge rock feeling exhausted.
"Yeah Tay I'm still here. We all are." Walker answered knowing his son was extremely worn out.
"I can't go on anymore. I'm so thristy. I wish I would have drank some water from the river before I started walking out here in no where land." Taylor groaned running his hand through his hair.
"Can you just walk a little further?" Walker asked.
"Where? Where do I go?" Taylor asked looking around him seeing only a waste land before him.
"If you go to the right Que tells me there is a ravine there where you could stay for the night. It would provide you some cover. Can you do that?" Walker asked with concern.
"I..I'll try." Taylor said standing up and sucked in a deep breath of air. He turned to his right and started to walk forward.
"It isn't too far away." Walker stated hoping his son could make it. He could see his legs were shaking and Taylor's face was turning very pale in color.
"I don't see what you are talking about. Everything is so flat here." Taylor moaned licking his dry, chapped lips. He started to feel extremely dizzy.
"Take it easy Tay. It's there." Walker exclaimed sadly.
"I..I'm so thristy. I wish I had some water." Taylor moaned noticing everything started to spin around him. He rubbed his forehead trying to will the dizziness away. He took a couple of steps as his legs gave out and he fell forward onto the ground passing out.
"Taylor!" Walker shouted fearfully.

"Nodrow!? What are we..." Walker moaned seeing the look of fear covering everyone's faces. Zac started to shake seeing his brother laying on the ground as they all were connected together through Nadroj.
"He needs water Dad." Ike said sadly as Neque squeezed his hand gently. The Nettik hooted looking up at Ike who was sitting contently in his lap.
"Ike... how bonded are you with the Nettik?" Neque asked watching the Nettik still looking up at Ike lovingly.
"Ahhh... I don't know. Why are asking me that when Taylor needs help?" Ike answered feeling a little annoyed.
"Yes, my wiseone. I see what you are getting at here. Ike it is important for us to know. Please answer the question. It is for Taylor." Nadroj stated cocking his head and looking at Isaac intently. Ike swallowed hard and looked down at the tiny creature who blinked slowly up at him with love in his eyes.
"It seems to follow me everywhere. Lucky won't leave me alone, if that is what you are trying to find out." Ike explained still not understanding why they wanted to know.
"He can flick between dimensions in this land. He could bring our Taylor some water which he desperately needs." Demi explained glowing in a light shade of blue feeling concerned.
"I...I don't know how. How do I do that Que?" Ike frowned watching his father and brother shift nervously.
"We have to do something quick. He won't wake up!" Walker groaned bowing his head.
"Mayte get a bottle of water and I will find some string." Demi said as they both left the circle. They came back squatting down in front of Ike and the Nettik.
"First we have to set a image of Taylor in its mind." Nadroj stated looking into Ike's eyes.
"How Nodrow?" Ike asked when Mayte handed him the bottle of water.
"Cast the image you see of Taylor into the mind of the Nettik." Nadroj instructed. Ike did as he told him and the Nettik blinked up at him and hooted. Zac smiled a little watching Ike follow his friends directions.
"Okay... I did that." Ike declared looking up at Demi.
"Now tie the bottle of water onto its back." Demi said handing him the string. Ike carefully tied it to Lucky who squirmed a little not liking the weight.
"It's okay Lucky. You're going to bring this to my brother." Ike murmured as Mayte and Demi moved to the side as Ike lifted the creature and placed him down in the center of their circle. The Nettik cocked his head wondering what Ike wanted. Ike squatted down and petted his head gently as the creature started to purr.
"Now go to my brother. Find Taylor." Ike demanded forcefully throwing the image into its mind again. The Nettik hooted and then vanished into thin air making Ike, Walker and Zac jump. Ike slid back to his place as everyone watched Taylor still laying so still on the ground.

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