The Babysitter
Note: I=Jennifer Mayo and I write in my view through out this story.

Chapter 9

I woke-up to him screaming and crying. I grabbed him.
"Wow..shhh..Zac your ok."I said." I held him tightly..Til he calmed down enough to let him go. I then let him go and sat him up.
"What is it?" I asked. He sat there scared.
"Zac, look at me." I said, as his eyes stopped wandering..and focused on me..
"What is wrong?" I said.
"Nightmare." He said.
"Zac, may I ask a question?" I asked.
"You just did, but ask another one." He said.
"Zac, what happen?" I asked.
His face went blank..and he didn't speak. Tears started filling his eyes. He was thinking about it. I had my hands on his shoulder. He started shaking. I pulled him close.
"Never mind. Your not ready." I said. He laid there shook and cried..for an hour. .I sat there and held him....conforted him.
"Jennifer, who all knows your hear?" He asked.
"You and me." I said.
"No one else knows who you really are?" He asked.
"Nope. Just the two of us." I said.
"Why?" He asked. I sat him back.
"Zac, after I came too and taylor told me, I left. I left Oklahoma..I have criss crossed the USA..trying to find you. I was beginning to think he had killed you and hid you in Canada..or something." I said.
"But why did you leave?" He asked.
"Zac, I met you Oklahoma and I lost you in Oklahoma. I couldn't take it. Everywhere I looked, I saw you. I had to leave." I said.
"I don't blame you." He said.
"I know....besides if I hadn't, you wouldn't be safe." I said.
"True." He said.
I sat there watching him and him watching me. Unaware of the door in the back.opening, til it was to late. I was watching him and he suddenly just panicked and tried to run. I soon found out why. I felt a hand go over my mouth with a rag and I saw them get him to. Kicking and screaming, he put the same type rag over his mouth. I managed to stay awake long to see that it was Andrew. When I opened my eyes I was tied down on a bed. I tried to pull.
"Give up." He ordered throwing me a very dirty look, which I threw right back at him. He walked over.
"Well, your the FBI agent..assigned to protect him?" He asked.
"I am a girl not a FBI agent." I said. He held the badge up.
"No your an FBI agent." He said. Zac was sitting in a chair about 20 feet away. He was looking at me. Andrew keep on.
"Shut up." I screamed. He then decided to shut me up. He put a piece of tape over my mouth..
"Now...I know who you are, but why would you not tell them?" He asked.
I pulled and yanked at the ropes, as he walked toward Zac. He grabbed his tear soaked face.
"Did you know the girl you so desperately need is an FBI agent asigned to protect you to the max. She is suppose to take a bullet for you." He said.
Then he pulled a gun on him. I tried my hardest to move. He didn't shoot Zac, he shot me right in the leg.
"Lets see her take the pain for a little while, shall we?" He asked.
Zac shook his head no. He aimed again, then lowered it. My left leg hurt so much. He missed the vital section and just got mostly the meat, .but damn it hurt. He walked out of the room a minute or two.
"Are you ok?" He asked. I nodded.
He returned with a knife. He walked to Zac then me.
"Well..hum..you know you have done so much to me...you took my lover." He said.
"I'm not your lover. I never will be your lover." Zac boldly stated.
He took the knife and cut my arm. I twisted in and turned.
"Quit moving you can't get up." He said. I just stared at him. He got up and left again.
"Now what is he getting the branding iron." I thought.
I could tell it was hurting Zac to watch but what the hell could I do? I was tied and gagged. While he was gone I scanned the area and found a small pin. I worked at the cuffs when he was gone and got my hands free. The next time he was gone I leaned up and grabbed one leg at a time. He stayed gone just long enough. I sat there. When he came back he didn't come to me, he went to Zac. He ran his fingers down his tear soaked face. He moved it down his neck and kept on going. It was hard to stay laying down. I waited a few more minutes, til Zac started moving back and saying no. Then I leaned up easily. Pulled the tape off. He had his back to me, but I could clearly see him. I eased up behind him and yes it does hurt. I took the cloth that was beside the bed wrapped it up, good and tight and put it around his throat and pulled, yanking him back and down to the ground. I pulled it tighter and tigher. He defiantly fought to get free. I only pulled harder.
"I am sick of you hurting him." I said, and yanked it. He went for the gun.
"And this shooting me with my own gun." I said. He pointed it at my head pulling the trigger. Zac screamed no. I just sat there.
"Do you not know. I only keep one bullet in it. When it is at home." I said.
I took it from him and keep on chocking him. Once he was out cold, I let go. I relaxed a little, then looked at Zac. I got up and undid the ropes and picked the handcuffs.
"Come on we have to go." I said. We walked to the door.
"This is gonna hurt." I said and kicked it open.
"Oh god that hurt." I said and walked out. I looked around. I first got a piece of cloth and wrapped it tightly around my leg and had Zac put one around my arm.
"That way there is no blood trail." I said.
"Wait." He said.
He walked back sitting Andrew up and tied him up. I watched. He woke him back up.
"Come on Andrew. Now come on." He said. He finally opened his eyes. He smiled.
"Zac, let me go." He said.
"I'm the one that tied you up." He said. He got the knife.
"Zac, don't." I said.
"I'm not gonna kill him....he didn't kill me or you. So I won't." He said. He laid the knife down on his leg and slid it across.
"Does it hurt?" He asked.
"Nope." He said. He pressed down.
"Now does it?" He asked.
"No...it is worth one night with you." He said. He stood up.
"Take a good look, the last one your gonna get." He said and kicked him.
"Ouch." I said and smiled. He kicked him six times and wanted to more.
"Zac, that is enough." I said. He looked at me.
"No...he hurt me for a long time. I intend to give him the same feeling." He said. He kicked him eight or nine more times.
"Zac, let's go." I said. He leaned down.
"Stay away from me." He said and he started to leave.
"You know you want it." He said as Zac was going out the door. I stopped him.
"Zac, don't. He ain't worth it." I said. He kept on and Zac walked out. I walked to him and leaned over.
"I want you to listen good. You come near him one more time and I will hurt you so bad. You will think what he just gave you was a tiny prick. You understand me?" I asked.
"No actually I don't, because you can't stop me.." He said.
"Wanna bet?" I asked.
I got up and walked out, though that leg was beginning to hurt. I left him tied. We went out the back way. We were in the woods.
"We can't go back to where I was." I said.
"Therefore, we have to leave Maine." He said.
"Yes we do." I said. We were walking maybe an hour and I stopped.
"Zac....stop." I said. He did and looked back.
"What is it?" He asked.
"I can't." I said. I sat down.
"The're coming... you have to. I'm not leaving you." He said.
"Your gonna have to stop a little bit." I said.
He walked back. After a little piece and I got back up, to try again. We walked about 30 minutes, then had to run. A dog was behind us. With a gunshot wound, it was hard to run and I fell. The dog went right for my neck. I grabbed the jaw and saw those sharp teeth.
"Zac." I said.
He wasn't there. I pushed and shoved. Damn that dog. I got a piece of wood and hit it across the head. At least it let go. I slid back. It appeared to be like playing dead and it was too. I was headed toward it, it attacked again.
"God dang dog!" I screamed. That got Zac's attention as he looked back.
"Oh great." He thought and went back down the hill. He picked up the wood and wacked it once.
"Well, I didn't want to kill it." I said.
"Shut up. It ain't dead come on." He said. He helped me up. I then started with him, though I could hear them and I was slowing him down.
"Zac, stop." I said. I couldn't go on. It was hurting so bad.
"What?" He asked.
"I can't. Go on without me.." I said.
"No." He said.
"Zac go!" I yelled.
"No. I'm not leaving you." He said. He came back, picked me up and then left.
"Zac, your gonna tire yourself out carrying me." I said.
"Well, I have an idea." He said. He got up a little bit then and told me to climb a tree. I did as told and went up.
"What about you?" I asked.
"I am coming." He said.
I leaned over and helped him grab the first branch. Then he came on up. The dogs got lost. Wind was blowing. After a couple of hours he looked at me.
"Are you an FBI agent?" He asked.
"Zac," I said.
"I want to know. I mean you said police...nothing about FBI." He said.
"Yes I'm an FBI agent. So what." I said. He was quite a few minutes.
"Is that why you were in Tulsa to watch me?" He asked. I couldn't answer.
"Jennifer is it?" He asked. I keep my mouth shut.
"Jennifer." He yelled.
"Yes." I screamed. "Yes I was there for it. I was suppose to watch you. I was suppose to be the one to take anything for you. A bullet if necessary." I said.
"Then you want the locket back?" He asked.
"What are you saying?" I asked.
"Well, you showed love for a reason I never could get. Now I know why. You were just doing your job." He said, and got down. He started walking away. I climbed down.
"Zac wait." I said. He turned around.
"What? Forget to get my signature?" He asked.
"No. If your gonna walk away, I'm going back." Turning myself to him.
"To save your ass." I said.
"No you won't." He said. I stood there.
"Then why are you walking away?" I asked.
"Because you lied to me." He said.
"Zac, I protected you. If I had told you, I was a FBI agent you would have dodged everytime you saw me. I didn't sit outside your window and watch 24/7. I went home and had a normal life just like you." I said.
"Yeah I had a nice one. I was raped by a guy.... nice childhood." He said.
"Zac....it wasn't your fault and you know it. I do love you." I said.
"Yeah right. You lied to me. How do think that feels. I trusted you. I thought you would never lie to me." He said with his voice going up.
I walked to him and put my hand over his mouth.
"Shh." I said. He just looked at me. I listened.
"Go." I said. He started walking in the way I was pushing. We walked about one hundred feet or so. Then I stopped and listened.
"First of all, if I didn't love you I would have left finding you the FBI. Second..if I didn't love you, I wouldn't be here." I said. Then removed my hand and I started walking.

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