The Babysitter

Chapter 10

"Wait. You are FBI and how do I know you weren't assigned to it." He said. I stopped and thought about it..
"Lets keep going. If we don't, he'll catch up with us." I said.
"You're dodging the question!" He screamed as loud as he could. I turned around. I stood there and watched him.
"Ok....yes I am suppose to watch you. I was suppose to go Oklahoma, watch you day and night. Never let you out of my sight. You want to know something two other people were there watching. Ike and Tay do everything. Take a bath, go swimming, go to the movies and everything Zac. I didn't do that. I thought now wait wouldn't that be invading his privacy. I wouldn't want someone watching me take a bath. Now if you want, once your back. I can do my job. Now weather or not you think I do love you. Right now it is more important to get you out alive. Now get your damn ass going. I don't plan to die today. Now come on." I said. He just stood there, then started walking. I walked back in front.
"Follow me." I said.
I went up the hill and down the otherside. I then stopped at the river. I sat down, took my shoes off and tied the laces together and took my pants off too.
"Damn it's cold." I said.
"Ya kidding right?" He asked.
"Unless your intent to get your pants wet and wear them, I suggest you take them off too." I said.
"Are you nuts?" He asked.
"Nope." I said. After a few minutes I had him convinced and he did. I then put my toes in the water.
"Oh shit. That is cold." I said.
"Well, how are you gonna get across?" He asked. I then just walked out in it, hit a dip and went under. I came up and got back out.
"Too cold." I said.
"To deep." He said.
"That to." I said. I stood there a minute, then decided.
"Well, there is a log down stream. Go down there. Go across....once you get to the other side. Walk along the side in the water about ankle deep, so they can't trace you." I said.
"And you?" He asked.
"I"ll meet you over there." I said.
He took off and walked down. I could see him start across the log. I went through the freezing water. Once to the otherside I put my pants back on. It didn't do any good, they were wet. My shoes were too.
"Great. Good that does me." I thought. I waited until he walked up in the water.
"You went threw the ice water didn't you?" He asked.
"Na. I just drowned myself...lets go." I said.
He put his shoes and pants back on and we walked the path. The water had stopped the bleeding. Anyway that was good. I walked and shook for three miles. He stopped me.
"Turn around." He said.
"I have to keep walking it's the only thing keeping me warm." I said.
"You need to stop." He said.
I stopped for him to rest. Then we walked on. When we got to the highway, it wasn't that busy. He ran across. I couldn't. I was to cold. I still tried and got to the middle, tired and very cold now. The cars sped past. Zac was waiting on the other side. When it was clear I ran across. Well,hopped-ran. Good enough to get across fast. From there we walked up the hill to the store. I stopped and he looked back.
"You okay?" He asked. I nodded. I could feel the cold numbing my fingers it was so cold. He came back. He ran his finger across my check.
"Your freezing." He said.
"I know." I said.
He picked me up and carried me the rest of the way, about maybe one hundres yards or more. He stood me up outside and went in. He remembered credit card numbers. He got the room and walked back to me. He then picked me back up and took me to the room, about fourteen doors down. He handed me the key. I unlocked it and he took me in. He sat me down.
"Don't move." He said.
"I won't." I said.
He walked out and came back about fourty five minutes later. He walked in with a bag.
"Good thing there was a store beside the hotel." He said. He handed me the bag.
"Change and then I'll knock to see if your changed." He said.
I walked to the bathroom with the bag. I just dumped it out. He had a pair of blue pants..thick blue pants and a thick shirt.
"Well." I thought. He even got underwear.
"How in the world?" I asked myself.
"Oh well." I said. I changed and took the wet clothes off. My hair was still cold from the weather. He knocked before I got done.
"Just a second." I said. I put the shirt on which was really big.
"Ok." I said. I stood up.
"Something ain't right." I thought he came out the same way to baggy.
"Um....did you by chance change the bags?" I asked.
"No there the same size. Only size they had." He said. He then got a blowdryer. He sat me on the bed and plugged it in and he started blow drying my hair.
"Don't I feel stupid?" I asked.
"How so?" He asked. I tilted my head back, letting the hot air go over my face.
"Zac, your younger than me and babying me. I'm suppose to take care of you, not vice versia. But who's complaining." I said.
"Deal with it." He said. He had the heater on. Once my hair was dry, now frizzy.
"Frizz ball." He teased. I took the brush and brushed it out.
"Awawawaw" I said.
He blow dried his too. His wasn't a frizzball. Didn't have tangles either.
"What did you do to my hair?" I asked.
"Nothing." He said. I laid back, looking at the ceiling. He looked back.
"Tired?" He asked.
"Yes." I said.
"Then go to sleep." He said.
I turned over on my side. He laid down and went to sleep very fast. I eased up and got on the other bed. I brought my knees to my chest. He had got new bandages also. I walked to the bathroom with the kit. I took the pants off and laid them aside. I rolled the sleeves up and took the old bandage off. I then cleaned it.
"Ouch." I said.
I then took a pair of tweezers and holding back the screams took the bullet out. It wasn't to deep. I then took a look and checked how bad it was.
"Thank god no stitches." I thought.
I then sterilized it, crying so hard and it hurt to cry. It hurt. I then stopped and stood there a minute and rinsed my leg off with hot water. I dried it and put clean fresh bandages on. I then sat down and undid my arm in the same steps, just no bullet to take out. It was only a cut. I dressed it and bandaged it up. Then I dressed and wallked back. He was still asleep. I sat down and thought. After a few hours he woke up. I was still sitting in the corner now crying silently. He looked behind him.
"Jennifer?" He asked. I jumped at the voice.
"Yes Zac?" I asked, trying my best to act so normal.
"Where are you?" He asked.
"Sitting on the floor where it is warm." I said.
"Oh. Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yeah." I said. He got up and walked around the block and got on his knees.
"No you aren't." He said.
"What? I can't just cry every now and then?" I asked.
"Nope." He said.
"I thought you didn't care." I said.
"Well, I can change my mind. Girls do it all the time." He said.
"Oh... okay." I said. I got up.
"It's nothing anyway." I said.
"Don't lie to me." He said. I looked around.
"I can't talk about it. It's not easy." I said.
"Well you can try." He said.
"NO." I said.
"Hey I was just trying to help." He said.
"Sorry." I said.
I walked to the window and opened it a hair.

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