The Babysitter
Note: I=Jennifer Mayo and I write in my view through out this story.

Chapter 8

Zac. I then walked faster. I leaned over him seeing his eyes were closed. I shook him. He was so cold. Unconscious. There was a little trail of blood running down his face. I checked the ropes and got a knife. I cut them. Then took my jacket and wrapped it around him. I carried him despite the fact he was so heavy. I took him home. I couldn't believe I found him. I laid him down in the house on the bed and checked him out. I then found my warm pajamas and changed him. I then sat a heater beside the bed and turned it on. To warm him up. I checked his head... just a cut. He must have passed out due to the cold. I sat down and rubbed his arms and legs helping him. I was rubbing around his neck and noticed the locket still there. I opened it, it was of me and him. Tay wasn't lying. I waited by the bed for a few hours before he even moved. He moved a little. I checked him again. He was sick now. I went and fixed some soup and stuff and walked back and sat it on a warmer to keep it warm. He finally opened his eyes. When he realized he was in a warm bed, he started screaming and crying.
"Wow." I said. I grabbed his hands and held them tightly.
"No... stop let me go." He screamed.
"Shh" I said. I held him a little closer. The closer he came to me, the more he wanted to leave. I grabbed his face.
"Zac...stop." I said.
There was so much pain and hurt in his eyes. I could barely even look at him. He stopped and looked at me a few minutes. I hadn't changed to much. He just looked then waited and looked some more. He put his hands on my face and rubbed my check. Then noticed the locket. he grabbed it and opened it, looking at the picture, then relaxed and quit trying to pull away and just finally completely relaxed. He looked around and then just hugged me. I hesitated a minute, then wrapped my arm around him. I held him till he pulled away.
"Jennifer...how did you find me?" He asked.
"I was lucky I guess." I said.
I wiped his checks off. He leaned in again, then pulled away quickly.
"Wait where am I?" He asked, starting to panic.
"Hey your in my little house. He doesn't know." I said.
"Ok." He said. He laid back. I felt his head.
"Zac, your really sick." I Said.
"I know." He said. He reached up and took my hand.
"Don't leave me." He said.
"I won't." I said. I fed him something, not that he actually wanted to eat but he did. He listened afterwards as he sat in my lap laying there, mostly listening to my heartbeat for a few hours. I then leaned him up. He felt better and looked better too.
"You want to go home?" I asked. He shook his head no.
"I want to be with you." He said.
"Ok." I said.
I held on tight and didn't let go. He stayed there till he had to go to the bathroom, then I got up and stretched. He came back out.
"Can you help me get these things tied or snapped?" He asked.
"Come here." I said. He did, still holding them. I snapped them and then he walked around for a bit. He seemed ok. He could walk now, though he keep yawning. I sat down on the couch.
"Come here and sit down." I said. He sat down and laid his head in my lap.
"I didn't stop thinking of you." I said. He looked back up at me.
"Taylor must have told." He said.
"Yeah. I was in the same hospital as him." I said.
"What happen?" He asked.
"The night you were taken, Tay was in a car wreck and I got shoved down a flight of steps." I said.
"Oh." He said. He sat up and looked around my head.
"Looks ok." He said.
"I feel fine. It was a while ago Zac." I said.
He laid back down and I sung him to sleep. At midnight I fell asleep.

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