The Babysitter
Note: I=Jennifer Mayo and I write in my view through out this story.

Chapter 7

"Jenks...to our Aunts." I ripped it up in itty bitty pieces and took half and burned them then threw the rest away. I went and got his clothes out and everything. I gave them to Tay. I then went to Zac. He was sleeping like an angel. I picked him up and carried him down the stairs to Tay's car. Tay got in and I sat Zac down and handed Tay the seatbelt.
"Taylor be careful." I said.
"I will Jennifer thanks." He said.
"For what?" I asked.
"You helped him. Bye." He said.
"Bye bye." I said. I stood there and watched Tay's red car pull out of the parking lot.
"Bye Zac." I said. I walked in and headed up the stairs.
"Where is he?" I heard. I turned around and saw Andrew was standing behind me with a gun pointed at my head.
"He's gone." I said.
"Gone where?" He asked.
"I don't know." I said. He pushed it closer to my head.
"If you kill me you'll never know." I said.
He backed away. I backed up the steps. He wouldn't kill me. I got to the top. Someone came up behind me and shoved me down. I landed at the bottom and hit my head on the solid statue that was there.My vision went blurry then I passed out. The next thing I remember is opening my eyes to see Ike looking down at me. He walked away.
"She's awake." He said. I blinked a few times.
"Where am I?" I asked, trying to sit up.
"You're in the hospital." A voice said I looked to my left. It was Diana.
"Why?" I asked.
"You fell down a set of steps and hit a statue... do you remember?" She asked. I concentrated.
"Yeah...it was a few hours ago." I said. She shook her head.
"What?" I asked.
"It was six days ago. You were knocked out briefly and came to, then fell into a coma." She said. I nodded. Amanda walked in.
"Good evening." She said. She looked at me. I then looked beside me and saw Taylor. I looked closely.
"What is he doing here?" I asked.
"He was in a wreck." Amanda said.
"Ok." I said. Walker and everyone left.
"And Zac? Where is he?" I asked.
"I don't know." She said.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"He wasn't there. Tay was there, but not him." She said.
"Ok." I said. She checked on Tay. He was awake.
"About time you woke up." He said. I nodded. Amanda left. Visiting hours was up and everyone went home. Tay got up and walked to the bed.
"Not hurt to bad I see." I said.
"Na...just was unconscious. I woke up a few hours ago." He said.
"Ok." I said.
"He has Zac." He said. I looked up.
"Huh?" I asked.
"Andrew ran me off the road and when I woke up Zac was gone. I know he got him." He said.
"Ok." I said.
"That and that he's gone." He said.
"Ok." I said. He turned around.
"Taylor? Tie the back." I said. He turned back and blushed.
"Sorry." He said.
"It's ok. Come here." I said. He came closer and I tied it.
"Thank you." He said.
"Ok." I said. He went back to bed. I stayed there a few days. Tay and I talked.
"He has a necklace with your picture in it." He said.
"Huh?" I asked, totally like surprised.
"He has a necklace. He likes you a lot." He said.
"He does?" I asked.
"Yes." He said.
"I didn't know." I said.
"That's why he always came to you and not us. He trusted you and he really likes you." He said.
"Ok." I said. He handed me a box.
"Here." He said. I opened it. It was an oval shaped locket. I opened it and it had me and Zac.
"He has one like it." He said.
"Ok." I said. He finally went to sleep. I got up and got dressed and went home. Amanda was there. I walked in and went to my room.
"What are you doing here?" She asked.
"I'm going to find Zac." I said.
"No." She said as she pinned me to the wall.
"What? I want to find him." I said.
"You can't find him." She said. She took some rope from the drawer and tried my hands together and sat me down.on the bed.
"Zac, is not gonna be found." She said.
"And why?" I asked. She walked out. I wiggled my hands and walked out.
"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked. Ike walked out from the kitchen.
"Were sorry to inform you, but Zac disappeared and there was a blood trail. They suspect that he might be seriously hurt if he's still alive." He informed. I stood there and then went back to my room. I packed my clothes and carried them to the car. Then got in. Ike took the keys.
"Give them back." I said.
"You're not able to drive." He said.
I snatched them and left. I drove for a few days ending up in Alabama. I stopped and slept a few hours and then drove again. I just drove and drove around a few more hours, then stopped and went to a hotel and went on line. I then checked for plane tickets. I saw like five all across the world. I then went off like for a few months. I wandered. Just went all across the USA. Christmas came and went. (december 27th) I was in Maine and winters here are very cold. I was walking down the street going to the store. Just a few blocks away. While I was walking there was a boy sitting on the ground. As I walked up I got a closer look. He had blond hair and had a tank top on and shorts. I walked up and stopped in front of him. His head was down and he was shaking. I leaned over.
"Hello. Why are you outside in this weather in that?" I asked. He raised his head up stopping about my knees and then lowered his head again. I laid my hand on his shoulder. He was so cold. I looked up at the house. It was small and well shut up.
"Will you please go on?" He asked. I walked on like he asked though. I noted the house. For a few days he disappeared. I decided one day to go in the backyard. I walked around back and opened the gate. The boy was laying in the backyard, on a hammock. He was completely still. No one was at home. I walked to him slowly and quietly. I moved closer and realized who it was it was.......

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