The Babysitter

Chapter 11

They were across the street. They were looking at the ground.
"Oh no." I said.
"What?" He asked.
"Zac. You picked me up.....you carried me. The blood must have dripped." I said, panicking.
"What the hell is wrong with you? There wasn't any blood." He said.
"Yes there was. I picked you up and carried you, your leg was hurt and they found us." I said.
"What the hell are you talking about. I carried you." He said. He walked to me and shook me a couple of time.
"No. I carried you." I said. I was searching for something that wasn't there.
"No. I carried you and you had a cut...and..and.." I said. I just stood there crying and going on and on. He slapped me.
"Calm Down.." He ordered. I focused and looked at him. He opened the window.
"No one is there." He said. They were gone.
"But.." I said. He pushed me toward the bed.
"Lay down." He said. I did as he told me. I laid there having that day play threw my head. When I did fall asleep, I went right into a nightmare. I turned over, facing the bed.
"No.." I said. Turning back over, Zac sat on the other bed. He was writing in the new tablet. He glanced up. I turned back over.
"No.." I whispered, turning back over to my stomach. I tossed and turned. He just sat there and watched, wondering what I was doing.
"Dang! Can't get comfy to save her life can she?" He asked himself under his breath. I turned back over, finally relaxing a little. I was holding the sheet at the top. And when it played that one part where I scream no..it went rip...right down the middle all the way. I sat there with sweat pouring down my face. Tears flooded and blended with the sweat running down my face and down my neck. I looked around frantically. Then I ran to the bathroom, to throw up. Zac walked to the door.
"Are you ok?" He asked.
"Yes." I said, barely.
"Oh really?" He asked. I leaned up. Then washed my face off in cold water. I then walked back to the bed and laid back down. Zac was like ok. She woke up screaming, throws up, washes her face, and goes back to bed. Odd. Very odd. I laid there and closed my eyes. The picture flashed and I opened them and just laid there, resting.
"Are you hungry?" He asked. I looked at him.
"Actually yes." I said. He handed me a wig.
"Here. I thought of everything." He said. I slipped it on. I had blond hair, he had brown.
"Odd look." I said.
"You look kind of strange." He said. We walked to the nearest restaurant. We ate. He paid He must have used the teller machine at the store. He then walked back.
"Come on." He said. We went back. As we walked in, I sat down and rested. He got behind me.
"Lay down." He said. I looked at him.
"Zac." I said.
"Shut up and lay down." He said. I did.
"Now...why not go home?" He asked.
"Because I have to finish something." I said.
"Like what?" He asked.
"A debt that has bugged me for quite a while." I said.
"Will you please tell me?" He asked.
"Not right now." I said.
I closed my eyes and was soon fast asleep. And the deeper the sleep, the longer the dream would play and it was a deep sleep. He was laying there thinking. When I started moving that is when he got up. And studied every movement, every word, that he heard. And before getting the sheets he removed them so I just woke up screaming with no sheets, ripping.and he was there, right beside me. I hadn't even sat up.
"Sshhh." He said, patting my head.
"Let it out." He said. I looked up at him. He had the brown wig on.
"No." I screamed and shoved him away and I fell off the bed, backing up in the corner. He looked so much like him...I was as far as I go in that corner. He took it off.
"Jennifer it is Zac." He said.
"I never realized why I love you so much. So much to do anything." I said. He walked over to me.
"Why?" He asked. I opened my eyes and was startled that he was so close.
"You look like Joshua...so much." I said. I closed my eyes remembering every detail, to his brown hair to his warm smile. Those blue eyes of his.
"No. I can't." I said.
"Yes you can." He said. He grabbed my hand.
"Stop trying to hide it and tell someone." He said.
"It was those two years I was gone. I went back once because mom needed me. And because a client had a son he needed watching. Well, I watched him and it ended badly. And I guess I blame myself, because if I had only pulled the trigger, I would have saved him.. He was nineteen, older than me and I was suppose to protect him, and I didn't." I said.
"And that is why you feel you should protect me so much and it is your sworn duty?" He asked.
"Yes. He can't get to you. I really do love you. I couldn't take it in Oklahoma because you weren't there. I didn't have you to go to." I said.
"Well, you know what? It ain't your fault." He said.
"Zac, there is more." I said.
"What?" He asked sitting down.
"The person who killed him......was Andrew's father. I did get him, but Andrew was there also. He wants me to pay and he knows I love you." I said.
"Ok." He said.
"That is why you are going home and I am not." I Said.
"No." He said.
"Zac." I said.
"No." He said.
The instant he said that the lock on the door was shot out. The first thing I went for was the gun which I dropped. I rolled to the other side of the bed. Zac was hidden and closer to the gun. It was just Andrew. The memory flooded my mind and I froze. I couldn't move. I was paralized right where I was and right in plain view. He walked to me holding the gun in his hand.
"You got away once. No more. You ain't putting me behind bars." He said. I froze shaking. Zac noticed.
"What did you do to lover boy...Kill him? You know you killed Joshua. So why don't you admit it." He said. He grabbed my shirt and pulled me up to my feet. I just watched shaking.
"Yes I do love it when you are so scared. The fear in your eyes is something to feed off of you know that." He said. I just cried and shook.
"Well, this is gonna be so fucking easy. I can kill you and you probably wouldn't even see it coming." He said.
Zac watched and then snapped to reality with his anger building inside of him. Along with the way he wanted to protect me also. He lost his control picking up the gun and just pulled the trigger. All I saw was blood all over me. I fell to the ground with him on top. He had got him twice but he wasn't dead. He aimed it in my side. I punched him. It moved and hit the floor. Zac stopped and reloaded the damn thing. He walked over to Andrew.
"You hurt me for years and I'm tired of it. Your not gonna hurt her too." He said.
He fired about six times and emptied it. He went around the guy at the desk feeling scared and called 911 fast. They were there in minutes Zac was still holding the gun me in the floor. He dropped it realizing he just tried to kill him and passed out. I layed there not moving. The police came in and checked them. Andrew was barely alive. I got up and crawled over to him. I looked him in the eyes.
"Who killed him?" I asked.
"Me." He said.
"You put me through pain you bastard." I said. I took my hand and laid it over his throat.I was choking him. The officer pulled me off.
"Mame stop." He said. The paramedics took him and Zac to to the hospital. I went.
"Mame, we need your name." He said.
"Agent Mayo FBI." I said.
"Ok." He said. He wrote it down and called it in. Once to the hospital, they stablized Andrew and Zac regained consciousness. I walked in.
"You ok?" I asked.
"What happened.... did I kill him?" He asked.
"No...one in the stomach and one in the left arm and one in his leg," I said.
"Good." He said.
"Zac." I said.
"What?" He asked.
"Thanks. You saved me back there. It took a lot of guts to pull the trigger." I said.
"Aw it was nothing you would have done the same for me. I couldn't let him.." He said.
"Yeah." I said. I sat down and then got up.
"I'll be back." I said. I walked down to Andrew's room. He was asleep and I looked over him.
"I hope you have learned your lesson." I said. I then went and stayed with Zac.

Three days later we flew to Oklahoma. I got off the plane and looked around. I saw Diana and Walker and smiled. They were both crying. Taylor went past the guard meeting Zac halfway and hugged onto Zac tightly.
"Taylor." Zac said.
"Taylor he can't breath." I said.
"Oh sorry little brother." He said.
"No problem." He said taking a deep breath. Taylor looked at me.
"No." I said but it was to late, when he gave me a hug too, lifting me off the ground.
"Taylor I can't breath." I said. He sat me back on the ground.
"Thank you for bringing him home." He said.
"Shouldn't your parents be thanking?" I asked.
"Well, yeah." He said. He walked with us over there as everyone starting hugging, including Jessie and Avie. I was looking past Walker. He stepped out of the way and I saw Amanda was standing there with her badge on and all. She walked to me.
"Hi." She said.
"Hi." I said.
"Hey ya know, I learned something from you." She said.
"From me?" I asked.
"Yes. No matter what the situation, don't fire unless you have too." She said. "Thanks."

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