The Babysitter

Chapter 12 - The Final Chapter

Once we got to their house. She got us around the table.
"Now thanks to Zac's testimony and Jennifers...and about six others no one ever knew about, Andrew will be gone for a while. Now on a second note he does have a son. Yes he does. No one knows who, but he does. I would advise for a while that Zac you stay with someone. I do not know how old this son is."She said. I stood up.
"Amanda he was only twenty six. I mean come on." I said.
"Fourteen." Zac said.
"Huh?" I asked.
"Fourteen. I think he could have kids about thirteen..thriteen through twentysix, fourteen years..fourteen." He said.
"Well." I said. Diana eyed Zac.
"Zachary walker Hanson?" She said, very sternly. Zac looked at her when he heard that full name.
"Yes mother?" He asked.
"You care to explain yourself?" She asked.
"About what?" He asked.
"He can have kids. How do you know?" She asked.
"Diana honey...think about it." Walker said, saving Zac the embarrassment of reciting the reproduction of humans in front of everyone. Hopefully.
"Walker." She said.
"Zac answer your mother." He said.
"Dad." Zac said.
"Zachary answer your mother." He said. Zac kind of put the puppy eyes on them.
"Zachary." I said.
"Not you to." He said.
"I want to hear what you know." I said.
"You should already know." He said.
"Hey I don't sleep with you." I said as I leaned across the table. "Now do I?"
"No." He said.
"Ok then...answer your mother and father." I said. He started mumbling something.
"Zac, I can't hear you." Ike said. He threw him a dirty look.
"I can't. You always said not to around the younger Hanson's." He stated. Walker walked around the table grabbing his arm.
"Come on son. Time for a little talk." He said. Zac had that pleading look on his face, as he looked right at me.
"You got ya..self into it. Walker do go easy." I said.
"I will." He said. They walked to the living room for a father, son talk.
"I pity him." Ike said.
"I know." Tay replied. Diana looked at them.
"And why?" She asked.
"Mother....hey you're not in there. You had to sit in with us." He said.
"Fine." She said and walked in there. They started laughing.
"Guys that was cruel." I said.
"Well....she was." He said.
The younger ones kind of dismissed themselfs and left the older kids, (except Zac), in the living room. He thought he knew everything. We were sitting around talking, when he walked in noticing he had a kind of sick look.
"You ok?" I asked.
"Don't even speak to me. You could have helped and you two send mom in there." He said and flopped down in the chair as he missed the chair and hit the floor.
"Ouch." He said. I sat there.
"You okay?" I asked.
"I would have been if you had left the chair there." He said. I smiled.
"I had to." I said.
"Yeah I know." He said. He got up and sat down in the chair.
"There." I said. He laid his head down.
"Find out something new?" I asked.
"Ewww." He said and just kind of shook, then laid his head back down. I leaned down.
"See....he didn't teach you everything." I said.
"You're not kidding." He said, looking at me and then he started giggling, then laughing, then he couldn't be controlled. Before long Ike and Tay caught on leaving me and Amanda in the dark. I sat there watching a minute then realized.
"That's not funny." I stated.
"Yes it is." Zac said. I slapped him across the leg.
"Is not." I said.
"Yes it is." He said.
"Oh really..." I said. He stopped a minute.
"At least I can't get embarressed real easy." I said and got up and walked to the kitchen. They all stopped laughing and thought about it then sat back.
"Ya know she is right." Ike said.
"Yeah you two should know." Amanda stated. I came back in.
"Huh?" I asked.
"Nothing." She said. Zac doubled over laughing at them. I glared at him.
"Just wait." I said.
"I ain't going anywhere with you." He said.
"Yes you will." I said. I sat back down.
"No, I won't." He said.
"Now what about his son?" I asked.
"Well, he is fourteen. So he might have a son." Ike said.
"Yeah." I said. I looked over at Zac...Joshua flashed in my head. I got up and walked out to the back yard. Amanda followed wondering what it was that caused me to leave. She walked up behind me.
"Jen?" She asked. I jumped not hearing her come up.
"Yeah?" I asked.
"What's the matter?" She asked.
"It's nothing....just um....memories." I said.
"Of Joshua?" She asked.
"How did you know?" I asked.
"Remember I was there." She said.
"Yeah you were... weren't you. Did you see who's gun killed him?" I asked.
"Yes." She said.
"Who's was it?" I asked.
"Andrew's...I had yours. Why do you blame yourself? You protected him to the limit. You were sleeping in the same bed for crying out loud. That is dedicated stuff, I mean you couldn't do anything because they had you just as tight as me." She said.
"No. You don't understand, they didn't have me...they let go, but it was to late. He had shot him three times." I said.
"There was nothing you could have done." She said.
"Yeah easy for you to say." I said. She grabbed onto my shoulders.
"Listen to me.....you couldn't have done anything. All you could have done was help and you did. You called the police you got resolution. So what? He ain't dead. He is in jail for life. Get over it. Zac is here. Your here. Take the now." She said.
"No." I said, pushing her away from me.
"Why the hell not?" She asked.
"You don't understand.....you'll never understand." I said. I went in through the house. Got my jacket and keys and left.her there. I went back to the apartment, I had, when I left. She kept it. When I got there I was shaking and crying. I went in and sat down.
"How could I possibly tell her or anyone." I asked. I thought about it long and hard.

(February 22, 2002)

I never told them, but I was planning to. But had to find the time to first. Zac never left my side. I still watch over him. Andrew was in jail, but I was too scared he would get out. They were going on a vacation, to Hawaii because Diana wanted a family vacation. Her and walker called me over to talk.
"Jennifer, we know you still feel it is your duty to watch him and all. He'll be with us the whole time .He won't leave us." Walker said.
"I don't think it is...I know it is. If I let him go with out me and if something happens, I'll never forgive myself." I said.
"Nothing's gonna happen. If I have to keep him in a locked room." Walker said. I thought.
"Jennifer you have to let go. Joshua was the past dear. Zac's the future. He is ok." Walker said. I got up.
"Go on. If anything happens to him, I'll have your head for it." I said and walked out.
They exchanged looks, as I walked out the door. I went home knowing they were leaving in a few days. It hurt to know he would be gone and never know the truth, so I called him over.
"What is it?" He asked.
"I just wanted to tell you something." I said.
"Ok." He said and sat down.
"Zac, Joshua wasn't just a guy." I said.
"He wasn't? Was he a girl?" He asked.
"No... just listen." I said.
"Ok." He said.
"I went back to Georgia, where I came from, because Mom called me back to help. And to tell me something. Well, the FBI assigned Joshua to me. And my mom and dad told me about two weeks later that he wasn't just a case... he was my brother. The only full brother. I then thought I had a sworn duty to protect him. I mean I stayed with him twenty four hours a day for a year. Then the threats just stopped. He didn't get anymore and everyone assumed it was over, so I quit being his guard and became his sister. For months we had a good sister, brother relationship, but that night as the three of us walked .is when they attacked. Zac, you love your brothers and sisters very much. So did I, but as Andrew put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger I thought then I failed in my duty to protect him. I let my guard down for five minutes and lost him. Weather he died I don't truly know. After they were gone I checked on him and got my gun and left both him and Amanda . They had hit her knocking her out. I acted like I was out, then I disappeared and made an anonymous call and left. I came back here. Zac, do you understand?" I asked.
"No. Why did you leave?" He asked.
"Because I knew if he was dead, Mom and Dad would never forgive me. Come to think of it, they probably never will. That is why I don't want you to go to Hawaii alone." I said. He turned my head to look me right in the eyes too.
"I'm gonna be okay. Andrew is in jail. He can't hurt me." He said.
"Yes. I know." I said.
"Then let it go. While I'm gone call home and find out." He said.
"No." I said.
"Yes, if he is alive maybe he wants to thank you." He said.
"What is it you're getting at?" I asked.
"Nothing.... just call home." He said. He smiled and left. I was puzzled yes, scared no.

They all left on the twenty eighth of March on the fourth. I was at the park watching birds, wondering about Zac. I heard footsteps behind me.
"Jennifer?" A voice rang out and I listened remembering the voice. .Slowly turning around to see those blue eyes and that brown long hair falling down over his face.
"No." I screamed and started running. Running into the woods, following the path, knowing he would catch me if he was even real. He did, knocking me to the ground too.
"Stop." I said. He held me down.
"Hey, stop... stop...it's ok." He said. I stopped looking up at the face looking down.
"You're dead." I said.
"No..." He said, letting me up. I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair and down his face.
"Yes, I'm real." He said.
"But I saw him kill you." I said.
"No..he only hurt me. He missed my head that time. Thought he did, but he didn't." He said.
"No." I screamed pushing him away. "No, you died. I checked for a pulse and there wasn't one."
"No, listen to me." He said, pinning my shoulders. "I know this is hard on you. I thought they took you from me. Jennifer your my full blooded sister. We're closer....I love you." He said.
"But I went through so much, seeing them kill you." I said. He pulled me up for a hug. I just followed, I wanted him back. I wished for it everyday but now that he is here, can I handle it? Is it what I really want.
"Josh, tell me something. What is our secret id phrase?" I asked and he leaned down.
"Blue bunnys bopping bottom burgers." He said. I smiled.
"Glad you remembered." I said.
"Yeah, me too." He said.
"So... care to explain how come you didn't have a pulse?" I asked.
"Easy....I knew how to stop it for a brief few seconds. I thought your hand was the other person's, so I stopped it." He said.
"That was mean." I said.
"Yes, I know. No one told me til later. Amanda didn't even know." He said.
"Yeah...so how did you find me?" I asked.
"Well, Agent Mayo, you're not the only one." He said.
"I'm not?" I asked.
"Nope. Since you had a good career and all, I decided to join ya little sister." He said, holding his badge up.
"Well, that is good. So why ya here?" I asked.
"Protecting you." He said.
"Me?" I asked.
"Yes, they heard this guy, Zac, was leaving and his parents requested someone to watch you." He said.
"Oh...." I said. I took him and showed him around. Then I took him home. Amanda remet him and scared her too.

Zac spent one month in Hawaii.and nothing serious happened. I stayed with Josh a lot. I loved him a lot. I went home and visited Mom and Dad.....and all. All is well...........

Or Is It?

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