Chapter 7 - OZ

[*In the City * plays in the background]

Finally the group enters the marvelous city of OZ. The buildings soar to the sky, flags wave in the air, proclaiming the greatness of the Wizard. Everywhere people laugh and dance in the streets to the music that seems to come from everywhere. It is always upbeat, always sugary. The people seem to be overly sure of themselves, walking like they own the world or at least get stock options. The people are jovial and all greet the Dorothy and her company in turn. The place looks like it is ready for Christmas and Mardi-Gras all at the same time. The Lion looks like he is ready to bolt.

"Geez there is a lot of people here. Maybe we should go back to the woods."
The Scarecrow turns to him and replies, "It'll be ok. We just have to see the Wizard and Everything will be ok."
"The Wizard!!!" The nearby crowd gasps. Quickly murmurs go through the area. The crowd moves in on the small group. All shouting and screaming, telling them to thank the wizard for saving them, asking the wizard to bless something, all the time ogling Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion. The crowd is getting rather large when a group of soldiers come on the scene. The guards are dressed in the livery of the castle guard used in England, just the colors are a bit too bright. By now the Lion is really getting upset and the Scarecrow and Tinman are trying to get the crowd to back off. The guards act quickly to extract Dorothy and the others from the crowd and take them to a nearby guard station.
Sitting in the station is Major Tom Arnold.
"All right what are you people....err.... critters......err.....tinker toys doing?"
The Scarecrow answers, "Sorry sir, we were just going to see the Wizard and the crowd went crazy."
Major Tom says, "Well no wonder!! You should have come here straight away. People who see the Wizard are famous. Not everyone gets to meet him," the soldiers all laugh. "Like anyone can just walk up to the castle and knock on the door!"
More laughter as Dorothy and the Scarecrow look quickly at each other.
"Well no harm done, lets take you to a place to get you cleaned up and we will escort you as far as the palace grounds."

Later, Major Tom waves his farewells as Dorothy , Scarecrow, Lion, Tinman, and Scrappy enter the castle grounds through a large portcullis. They step in into a garden on their way to the castle. The garden is full of fragrant flowers, beautiful fountains and neatly trimmed hedges. The castle stands with its tall white towers reaching to the heavens. Flags wave from the every turret. It is a majestic structure, and the small group feels both in awe and safe for the first time in a very long time.
Dorothy walks up to the castle doors and the group looks at each other. The Tinman snags the Lion who was turning to run. Dorothy knocks on the door. Three loud booms ring through the quiet garden. A hole opens in the door. Carson Daly sticks his head out.
"Go Away! We don't want any!" and closes the porthole. Dorothy looks at the Scarecrow and he motions her to try again. Again she knocks. Carson open the porthole .
"What are you doing?!! You realize how loud that thing is! What part of GO AWAY don't you understand?"
Dorothy curtsies, "Please sir we need to see the Wizard. It is a most urgent matter."
"WHAT!!!!" yells Carson, he slams the porthole and amidst a lot of clanging and banging suddenly opens the door. Carson steps out wearing a green tuxedo complete with a furry bright green top hat and packing an oversized microphone. "No one sees the Wizard!"
The Scarecrow speaks up, "Now hold on... we have come a long way and been through terrible dangers to get here."
Carson replies making a faux crying motion, "Poor sweet baby, waaa waaa waaa."
Tinman steps up, "Hey , why are you in this picture anyway; your not even blonde."
Carson pulls himself up to his full height, throws his chest out, his head back and says with all the pride he can muster, "I am Blonde on the inside!! And you still can't go in!"
Dorothy slumps to the ground and starts to sob, "But then how will I get home, and how will make the Lion brave, and give the Tinman a heart? Who will make the Scarecrow smart? All the trouble we have had, trying to get here and...and I broke a nail." Dorothy breaks down and starts to cry.
Carson starts to cry himself, overwhelmed by Dorothy's plight. "Ok please stop crying. I'll let you in."
He opens the door to let them in. They head down a long hallway, lit by braziers and adorned in typical medieval style. They come to a large chamber. Suddenly smoke and fire explodes from two large braziers on the floor and Max Headroom digitizes in front of them.
"Who D D D Dares to come un un un bidden before the aw aw aw awesome and mighty OZ!?"
The Lion bolts for the door. The Tinman leaps to grab him and pull him back to the group.
Dorothy steps forward, "Pardon us, Oh mighty one, but we came to ask for your help. I am not suppose to be in this world , and the evil witch is trying to kill me for these shoes. My friend the Scarecrow really needs a brain, and The Lion can't rule the jungle without bravery. And the poor Tinman, without a heart he can't stop himself from destroying the homes of the little birds and squirrels. Please help us."
The giant floating head seem to be thinking to himself for a moment, then looks down on the group.
"I I I am the all powerful OZ! And I can n n n grant your requests. Bu Bu But to do this I will need the golden sta sta statues from Cris is is tina's castle. Bring them to to to me, if you want your wishes."
Dorothy starts to object, and the large head glowers and says, "NOW G G G GO!"

The group leave the castle bewildered over what they have been told to do. Outside they gather in a circle and slowly they come to the conclusion. If they don't get the witch's source of power she will kill them and it is the only way to get the wizard to help. They leave OZ, and head towards the home of the evil queen. The highway has widened to an interstate, it looks new, but has no traffic. It is getting late, getting dark.

[fade to black]

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