Chapter 5 - The Cowardly Lion

[The Thundercats theme plays]

The forest suddenly gets dark and gloomy. Dorothy pulls out the map even though there is only one path, it just seems to be reassuring.
"We are in the dark forest, says it is home of the *King* and not to enter."
The group of them huddle together as they enter into the dark woods. The walk for a bit and the trees seem to close around them, the birds can no longer be heard. Almost no light comes through the canopy of leaves. A loud roar echoes sounds though the woods.
"What was that,? says Dorothy.
The group of travelers huddled together and start to tremble. Another loud roar louder than the last brings the travelers to a halt .
"That was close, Scarecrow says softly.
With a loud roar the Lion jumps down from the trees. He is dressed in a cut off blue tank top with a pair of blue spandex shorts and sporting a weight lifters belts with a gold MOE symbol in the center. The outfit is finished with a pair of blue boots with a gold stripe down the side.
"Get out of my forest!" the Lion growls as he lands and crosses his massive arms across his chest, "or I will eat you for dinner!"
The scarecrow gulps, "Gee Mr. Lion, Sir, we didn't mean to but we have to go through to get to OZ."
Dorothy curtsies , "Lord Lion. We beg forgiveness, but we must pass."
The Lion roars a deafening yell, "You dare!!! I will devour you all!!!!"
He shows his fangs and claws and moves towards the group when suddenly Scrappy Doo charges the Lion.
"PUP PUP PUPPIE POWER!!" he yells as he runs up and kicks the lion on the shin.
"Ow Ow OW" the Lion screams in faux pain, " Whatcha go do that for? *sniff* I was just funning...*sniff*..."
Tinman snidely remarks, "Oh big bad lion we got here. Wanna saucer of milk?"
"Sniff that isn't very funny... ummm chocolate milk?" asks the Lion. " I am so pitiful, not an ounce of courage, I need courage to be king of the jungle. WAAAAAAA..."
Dorothy comes over and comforts the lion, stroking his long blonde mane.
"You can come with us, I am sure the wizard can give you courage. He will help you."
"Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I like that; just behind the ear. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Think he will?" the lion asks.
"Hey furball! Dorothy is mine!" says the Scarecrow, looking rather miffed.
"Now boys, behave, we got a long way to go and Scarecrow, don't go getting carried away." Dorothy quips, obviously enjoying having the two of them bickering over her.

[The now full group links arm in arm, though the Scarecrow is a bit irritated that the Lion has Dorothy's other arm, and as Scrappy Doo bounces around in front of them, they head down Electric avenue towards OZ, singing along to the music]

[fade to black]

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