Chapter 3 - The Scarecrow

Dorothy and Toto are skipping down Electric Ave, [Electric Ave. Playing in background, Dorothy and Toto sing along], when they come to a fork in the road. The road goes off in two directions, forming a *Y* intersection. At the point of the fork is a corn field and a scarecrow, with its head hanging down, face hidden.
"Oh, crap! A fork in the road, which way do we go?" Dorothy moans.
"You're the one with the map." Toto reminds her. "You check out the map and I'm gonna...'use' the scarecrow."
Dorothy pulls out the map and begins the unfolding process as Toto walks behind the scarecrow to answer natures call.
"HEY!!! Watch it pup! Go find a tree!" The scarecrow yells.
"Well, I'll be, a talking scarecrow. And not a very scary one at that." Toto exclaims.
In fact, he looks a lot like Taylor Hanson wearing a wide brim hat with a few pieces of paper coming out around the edges. The small slips also protrude from his wrists and the bottom of his brown leather pants. Dorothy snaps out of her studying at the sound of the scarecrows voice.
"How can you do that?" she asks.
"I don't know I just do," comes the reply. "Can you help me down, before the crows come back?"
Dorothy moves over, her and Toto work on getting him off the pole. The scarecrow yelps as she makes a few grabs and tugs in the wrong direction.
"I said get me down not give me a wedgie!"
Finally he is able to get down to the utter amusement of Toto.
"What you find so amusing ?" the scarecrow glowers at Toto.
Toto snickers, "You, straw for brains. What you gonna do for an encore? Fight you way out of a paper sack, hehe."
Blushing the scarecrow says, "Well you...you...dog you."
Toto starts laughing and pointing at the scarecrow, "Is that the best you can do? Oh I am sooo put down."
The scarecrow looking dejected turns to Dorothy with tears in his eyes.
"Aww... whats wrong Tay... I mean Scarecrow?" She pulls him close cradling him.
"Its true..*sniff*... How am I suppose to be a rock star if I can't throw snappy comebacks at hecklers? *sniff* I am just so stupid. The dog is right, if I had a brain instead of stuffing, I could be a star."
Toto comes over and tugs the scarecrows pant leg, "Hey I didn't mean to upset you. Dorothy, think the Wiz can help him?"
Dorothy's brow nits in thought.
"Well, the Wiz is suppose to be able to do anything, guess he can give out brains."
"Really?!" Scarecrow brightens. "Can I come with you?
"Sure," says Dorothy, "I only wish I could do more."
Suddenly a pink aura rises from her shoes to envelope the two teens. They stand apart, mouths agape as the strange energy swirls around the scarecrow and suddenly disappears.
"What did you do to me!? I feel kinda strange."

[The Blue Danube plays]

"Oh my, this is weird...I don't believe it!" He grabs Dorothy and waltzes across the road. "I can dance!! I can really dance!!"
Dorothy spins away from Scarecrow and sits down to study the map.

[Russian folk music ]

"Hey! ... Hey! ... Hey!..." yells the scarecrow dressed in traditional Russian folk attire, as he drops and kicks to the music. Dorothy turns the map this way and that trying to read it. Disco lights flash as Dorothy pulls out a magnifying glass and compass to study the map. In the background the Scarecrow slides back in wearing a mauve leisure suit.

[Staying Alive plays]

As he does the finger pointing to the sky and to the ground ala Travolta, he shimmies and shakes out of camera range. Dorothy has pulled out a slide rule and a calculator as she ponders the map.

[Billy Jean begins to play]

The Scarecrow moonwalks in, spins in his white gangster suit and with a slight... "Oh" gets Dorothy's attention. He rolls the hat down his arm, back up then with a flip of the brim places it on his head. With one hand he grabs his belt buckle and does a few hip/pelvic thrust, causing Dorothy to drop her ruler.
Toto says, "Hey you gonna need napkin to wipe your mouth." Dorothy snaps herself out of her trance.
With a final thrust he exclaims, "Man! This would have REALLY changed the *If Only* video!!"
Dorothy jumps up excitedly, "I got it! I know which way to go!"
The Scarecrow bounces back beside her dressed in his normal clothes and she says, "Look, we go this way."

The three of them head off to the right fork as Toto looks at the map. He smacks his forehead and holds the map to the camera. The road forked at the corn field with the left and right forks going around the field and joining back up on the other side.......

[fade to black]

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