Britney slowly opens her eyes; she is a bit disoriented. There is someone looking at her but she can't tell who.
"Justin?" There is some giggling. She closes and reopens her eyes and Taylor comes into focus.
"Looks like she is coming around, just having trouble keeping her singers straight." Isaac moves over and ends a cell phone call.
"The paramedics are on their way."
Zac comes bounding down the stairs.
"This is so awesome! The upper part of the house is, like, totally gone." He spins around flailing his arms mimicking the tornado. "There is stuff all over the place."
Britney turns to Taylor, "Is he always so hyper?"
Taylor replies, "Only when he uses Dr. Pepper in place of milk for his cereal."
It was all a dream she thinks to herself... Everything is normal... All a dream... Everything is ok... She looks in her hand, there is a small piece of paper and a phone number....

The End

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