Times Running Out

Chapter 38 - A Great Loss

Diana and Walker looked at the doctor with sadness as both parents instantly felt a great loss enter their souls.
The doctor stood emotionless as the information sank into them. Diana burst into tears as her husband comforted her. The room suddenly had an eerie silence to it. They knew the fact but didn’t believe it was true. Diana and Walker loved Star like their own child, why she had to die remained a mystery to them.
The doctor sighed and said after several moments, "I’m very sorry but your sons and the Moffatts boys are doing very well. Please, if you’ll follow me I will take you to them… but you must know about Zac. He was severely beaten, he’s afraid to be touched, it’ll take years for him to even be close to the way he was but he’ll never be the same. From what I understand he saw Star being taken from the warehouse in the body bag, he passed out after that but unfortunately he has been going in and out of his own little world lately."
The doctor sighed and continued, "Taylor is doing much better then any of them, he is a very strong boy, very positive. Though Mrs. and Mr. Hanson it would be best if you gave them the news about Star, he might take it better then a doctor telling them."
Mister Hanson spoke up and asked, "Doctor if I may ask, how did Star and that other boy die?"
The doctor turned to the Moffatt’s and Hanson’s parents replying, "She died of starvation and dehydration, and Tony, from what I was told her fiancée, he died of heat stroke, it killed him right as the paramedics got there. There was no hope for either of them; they have been without food and water for way to long. Even if we would have got them here I’m afraid they would have had very little chance anyway."
The doctor took a short pause as they walked down the long corridor right near the elevator. The words of the doctor faded out as Mrs. Hanson, by her husband’s side, looked across the hall into a room where a boy sat in a chair holding what appeared to be a woman’s hand. His eyes filled with tears as his hand shook, the woman’s heart monitor seemed to slow every second.
Mrs. Hanson shook her head and continued to walk with her husband as she picked up the last of the doctor’s sentence.
"…other then greasy hair, dry skin, dehydration, and starvation they’ll live I promise you that. They’re ok now physically but mentally is a totally different story and who knows how they’ll take the news about Star’s passing on… but knowing them they’ll pull through."
They kept walking, eventually coming to two separate rooms. The doctor motioned Diana and Walker to one and Darlana, Frank, and Sheila to the other.
Darlana gave Diana a sad look but went through the door to see her four sons. They laid there, looking as if they were dead and not just on heart monitors and breathing machines. None of them moved.
"Oh Frank..." Sheila and Darlana grabbed onto Frank, holding on to him as if their lives depended on it.
"I hope the Hanson’s are taking it better then us."

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