Times Running Out

Chapter 36 - Riches and Diamonds

Mac and his gang retreated to the van and sped off leaving their captives in the warehouse to live or die by the parents' decision of following their directions.
Mac smiled evilly as he drove past the Burger King and going to wait for any news of their other helpers to see if they got the cash or not.
Jamie asked, "What exactly are we going to do when we get the money?”
Mac replied, "Have one hell of a party Jamie… in riches and diamonds… hell we could start our own trading stock if we wanted to. Right now we’re only minutes away from having the perfect life."
Jamie smiled and lay back closing his eyes thinking of all the things he would get that he’s always wanted with the money they were going to receive.
Will asked, "Hey Mac… don’t you think that Scott kid was just a little too bit energetic? I mean after all he was trying to get free."
Mac snapped, "Damn it guys! Just shut up! Scott Moffatt won’t escape, I mean I made sure of that. Also Star hasn’t woken up or Tony. I dunno if she’s dead or not, whatever she is… she’s completely going to die if she hasn’t already. And for that Tony kid…pssh! Who knows, he was out also, since I’ve told you guys their statuses will you get off the subject now!?"


The Moffatts and Hanson awoke slowly to find an empty warehouse around them. Suddenly the guys heard a soft moan from a female voice nearby.
"Mmm…" The voice moaned as her eyes opened and stared at the faces of her worried brothers. Tears stung her eyes as she shook her head weakly and trying to talk, but only succeeded in giving her self a major headache.
Star’s throat burned and pleaded for water. She hung her head limply and passed out.
Taylor picked his head up and looked at Star in sadness.
"I wish I could help her." Taylor thought as he laid his head back down on his chest and sighed quietly.
Isaac looked at Star then at his other brothers. Zac was meeting his eyes as tears lightly fell from his eyes. Everyone thought the same thing as each of the other people.
Zac thought, "Were gonna die!"
Isaac sighed and looked around the warehouse for anything to help them, but no such luck was found as he shook his head slowly and closed his eyes.
A soft moan escaped an unconscious body. Tony’s eyes fluttered open as he looked at the scene before him and saw his fiancée’s brothers looking at their sister with great sadness, each thinking the same thing.
Tony looked at Star, her eyes shut, closed.
Tony sighed and closed his eyes wishing he could help her. The thirst became fellable in his throat as he thought, "God I need a drink…please god…help us."


The twenty minutes had passed quickly as the Moffatt family and Hanson family took the silent ride to the Burger King to drop off the money for their son’s and daughter’s safe return. But they highly doubted their sons would make it out of this thing alive, but still they prayed.

They spotted the blue van and a few accomplices standing by it motioning them into the parking-lot restaurant.
Walker took a cell phone and said, "Captain Bacon? They are waiting in the parking lot… what should we do now?"
Bacon replied, "Keep the men talking as long as you can… we’ll be there in seven minutes, just keep em talking and try to find out if the three main kidnappers are there. Ok?"
Walker sighed and said, "I’ll get all I can out of these men."
With that Walker hung up the phone and sighed again.
He would find out just how tough these men were on information. He prayed they weren’t too late to save their sons. A tear dripped down from his eye, but quickly wiped it away and pulled into the parking lot by the blue van.

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