The Draedean Threat

{Year- 3089}
{Place- Denabux}
{Habitation- Hanson family home}


"Taylor, honey, you're too young to join the Star Fleet!" Diana Hanson complained.
Taylor drew in a shaky breath.
"She still thinks I'm joining the mobile infantry. Good."
"Mom, I'm not too young! They take in fourteen year olds! I'm sixteen, don't freak out like this, please."
Walker Hanson came into the argument, "Why not freak out? Our sixteen year old son wants to walk into something that's gonna kill him! The Union doesn't care how many soldiers die, they send em into war anyways!"
Taylor closed his eyes tightly, willing away the headache he was getting.
"I'm not going to die. I'll send credits whenever I can from my wages. I promise!" He assured, hoisting a gray duffel bag from the floor onto his shoulder and heading for his mother.
"Mom, you know I've wanted to do this for a long time, please understand." He tearfully reminded her, draping his arms around her shoulders.
"I know baby.. I just don't want you die young like your grandfather." She whispered into his ear.


{Behind the doorway}

Isaac took a deep breath and met Zac's sad gaze and nodded. Zac dropped his head to his chest and felt tears staining his soft cheeks. Isaac put a sympathetic arm around his little brother's shoulders and listened in on the conversation. He knew Taylor wasn't really joining the mobile infantry, so what was he up to? Why couldn't mom and dad see he was lying? Wasn't it obvious enough?


"My shuttle leaves in an hour, I gotta get going. I promise I'll be back soon. I promise. I gotta take all my savings with me so I can get to the recruiters." He added the last bit on with a large amount of reluctance.
Walker's face turned red, "You're not taking your savings young man! That's for you to start your own land growing!"
Taylor rolled his eyes in a half serious half joking manner, "Hydroponic farms don't grow in dirt dad, 'member?"
"You're not taking your savings. End of story." Walker stated again, feeling Diana move behind him to back him up.
Taylor faked a frown, but he was smiling on the inside. He shifted his bag and heard the saving's box shift too.
"Fine. I'm leaving. Now.... you're not gonna stop me either." He approached his mother and tentatively held his arms up for a hug. He smiled in deep relief when her arms slid around his mid section, glad that he'd get a departing gesture that showed he was still part of the family, even though he was ditching them. He turned to his father who merely pointed to the door. Taylor lowered his head but nodded in acceptance. As he headed towards the door, his father gave him a sharp pat on the shoulder and squeezed once. Taylor smiled softly and pulled the door open and walked out.
"Oh God, Walker.... what are we gonna do with..." Diana was cut short as her two sons tore across the room and slammed through the door to get to their sibling.


"Tay! Stop! You can't leave us like this! Please don't leave!" Zac's voice rang out.
Taylor clenched his jaw to keep from crying, wishing he could bring his brother's with him, but knowing what he was going to do with his life, he couldn't.
"Zac, you know I've wanted to join the Star Fleet for a long time, can't you let me go with out giving me a massive guilt trip?" He joked slightly.
"Me? Ha! Never." He smiled with sad brown eyes.
Isaac was more composed then Zac was, but he still showed sorrow easily through his stance, "We know you're not going to the Star Fleet. What're you gonna do?"
Taylor smiled grimly, "That's for me to know and you to guess."
Zac was about to say something when he noticed a bulge in Taylor's duffel bag that shouldn't be there, "You got your savings don't you?"
Taylor blushed, "Yeah. Look guys, I gotta jet or I'm gonna miss my shuttle."
He stood there then, waiting to see what his brothers would do. Suddenly, they both came at him and engulfed him in hugs and whispered "we'll miss you's" into his ear. He knew if he stayed like this, he wouldn't be able to leave at all, so he broke away from the hugs quickly and composed himself as much as possible before turning around and not looking back. He walked out of his life and didn't know when he'd be seeing it again.

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