Tuning Delicate Strings

Chapter 9

"You want me to bring a few dresses and skirts, why?" Phyllis asked.
"Well, it's a semi-formal get together in our hotel room, you and Amanda are invited and we also need your help." Taylor answered.
"You're not doing what I think you're doing are you?" Phyllis said in a suspicious tone.
"Uh…" Taylor began to say.
"Tell her not to forget a makeup bag and hair stuff too." Zac said in the background.
"Oh god you are doing what I think you're doing?" Phyllis sighed.
"Oh c'mon…it's all for Ike." Taylor said.
"I hope you have a supply of rope with you because I don't think your bass player is going to do this voluntarily." Phyllis laughed.
"We have this all under control." Taylor added.
"All right then, but I'm just warning you guys…" Phyllis began to say.
"We know…we know." Taylor sighed.
"We'll see you around 8:30, we'll meet you at the front desk." Taylor said.
"8:30 it is." Phyllis said back. Taylor said goodbye and finally hung up.

The guys and the rest of the band made it to the venue and did their concert, which turned out really well. They made it to the hotel and Taylor and Zac felt that it was now necessary to tell Ike of their plan for their party.
"Uh…Ike…" Taylor said as he picked up his bag.
"Huh? What?" Ike asked as he got the key from the front desk.
"Uh…Zac and I…are having a party tonight in our room." Taylor said, gritting his teeth nervously.
"Yeah, so?" Ike said, not really paying attention to his younger sibling.
"You don't mind?" Taylor questioned in a surprised tone.
"No, I just won't be around…" Ike said and started to walk towards the elevator.
"But…but…why?" Taylor said, looking anxious as he glanced at Zac.
"I don't want to." Ike said matter of factly.
"Please." Taylor begged.
"What is wrong with you?" Ike suddenly asked as he turned around and stared at the two of them.
"It's for everyone…the roadies are going to be there and the girls that Zac and I met backstage and Nikai…"
"Nikai?" Ike asked, seemingly interested.
"Uh…yeah." Zac interrupted with a grin on his face.
"I…maybe." Ike said, giving them a sidelong glance.
"No maybe bro, yes." Zac said and straightened his back.
"Fine." Ike answered and rolled his eyes as they filed into the elevator.

Zac and Taylor had gotten everything ready and just waited for it to be 8:30 so that they could meet Phyllis and Amanda at the front desk.
"It's time." Zac whispered.
"Uh…Ike, we forgot to get something, we'll be back in about a half an hour or so." Taylor called to the bedroom area of their hotel room.
"Whatever." Ike answered back, his voice a bit muffled by the shut door. Taylor and Zac grinned at each other and made their way to the elevator.

Phyllis and Amanda stood there, holding their supplies patiently.
"Do you think that they forgot?" Phyllis asked nervously.
"I don't think so. If they're so bent on getting their brother and their bass player together, I don't think they'll forget." Amanda answered. Just as she said it, she saw the two brothers run into the lobby by the front desk, panting as they stopped in front of them.
"Why did you guys run?" Phyllis asked, narrowing her eyes.
"We only have about a half an hour so come on." Taylor said anxiously and grabbed Phyllis by the arm and started to drag her towards the elevator.
"HEY! Hold your horses would ya, I still have to grab the suitcase!" Amanda yelled, attempting to keep up with them.
"Why do you have a suitcase?" Zac questioned.
"Clothes and makeup, not to mention hair supplies." Amanda answered as they all made it in the elevator before the doors closed.
"Okay, this is what's going on, Nikai is out right now, we have to get in his room…" Taylor began to say.
"Don't you mean her room?" Amanda said, correcting him.
"Yeah and we have to get all of his clothes out. I imagine that he…I mean she is going to take a shower first, so we can grab those clothes and get all the bed coverings while we're at it." Taylor said, fidgeting as he waited patiently for the elevator to stop.
"Why do we have to take the bed coverings?" Phyllis asked.
"So that he has no choice but wear what you brought with you."
"She…" Amanda corrected again.
"Whatever!" Taylor said in an annoyed tone.
They finally made it to Nikai's room and Taylor had managed to get the door open successfully.
"Okay…grab EVERYTHING!" He called as he ran into the bedroom along with the rest of them and pulled everything out of the closet while the girls laid out the clothes that they had in the suit case on the bed. Zac stuffed Nikai's clothing into the suitcase as best he could.
"All right, we got all the clothes, now, we just have to hide while Nikai comes in, he…she won't be suspicious if we leave the bed coverings now and the towel in the bathroom." Taylor said as they all began finding places to hide in the massive hotel room.
Just as everything went quiet, Nikai opened the hotel room door and waltzed in, guitar case over his shoulder. Not even noticing that anyone had come in, he put his guitar away and pulled off his shoes, making his way into the bathroom to take a long awaited shower to relax himself.
"God, will this day ever be over, now I have to act all fake for another two or three hours while Ike stares at me with those eyes. Every time he looks at me, it's like he's been kicked right in the gut." Nikai sighed and started to shed his clothes. Amanda and Phyllis made it a point to keep Taylor and Zac hidden in the living room area while they stayed in the bedroom.
Nikai opened the bathroom door, leaving it open a gap and walked over to the shower. He turned on the water, testing the temperature and stepped in, closing the curtain behind him/her.
"Okay, we have to be really quiet, I'll grab the towel and her clothes in the bathroom while you get the bed coverings." Phyllis whispered to Amanda. Amanda nodded and they separated.
Phyllis tiptoed to the bathroom door quietly, noticing the boys emerging from their hiding spots silently.
"Shh." She said, putting her finger to her lips. She slowly opened the door to the bathroom, making sure that it didn't make a noise and grabbed the towel and the pile of clothes without making a peep. She silently closed the door the way Nikai had left it and handed the stuff to Taylor and Zac to hide.
"We have success, we just have to wait for Nikai to go in the bedroom, hopefully Man got all of the bed coverings." Phyllis whispered to the brothers. They nodded and looked to see Amanda appear from the bedroom, bed coverings in hand.
"Got 'em." She whispered and tip toed out to them, letting Zac hide them as she handed them to him.
"Okay, we have to hide again." Taylor whispered. This time, they all opted to hide in the living room.

"God, that was relaxing…" Nikai said, stepping out of the shower. Quickly scanning the floor and the towel rack, he mumbled to himself.
"What the hell? OH SHIT!"

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