Tuning Delicate Strings

Chapter 10

Nikai looked around nervously. Finally deciding to make a run for the bedroom, he peered through the open crack of the door, noticing no one was around.
"Thank God I'm alone." He said as he ran as fast as he could into his room.
"WHAT THE…!" Nikai screamed, noticing that the bed coverings were gone along with his suitcase.
"Maybe…maybe the maid service came in…yeah…that's got to be it." He said, putting his hand to his head, shaking it.
"Well, they couldn't have gone in the…closet?" Nikai said, opening the closet, noticing all the clothes were gone.
"Oh, this is just wonderful." He sighed as he glanced back at the bed, noticing what looked like clothes in the corner of it.
"Thank you…oh great…" Nikai said to soon just as he noticed a pink mini skirt and a tank top laying on the bed along with a pair of stockings and high heels.
"Did…did I go to the wrong room? No…that can't be…did…did they give my room to someone…no…then…then they would have asked me to give them the key."
"Nikai!" Nikai froze hearing two male voices from the living room area.
"SHIT!" Nikai said, eyes wide in terror.
"Uh…uh…WHAT?" Nikai called.
"IT'S TAYLOR AND ZAC!" Taylor's voice rang through.
"We know." Zac's voice came out, loud and clear as if he was right next to the door.
"WHAT!" Nikai shouted irritably.
"Just put on what's on your bed." A girl's voice said.
"Who…who's there with you?" Nikai stammered.
"Our dates." Taylor said.
"Dates?" A different girl's voice came out in a questioning tone.
"Are you going to come out or what?" Zac asked.
"These…these are girl's clothes." Nikai said angrily near the door.
"Exactly." The first girl's voice came through.
"This…this isn't funny…where are my clothes!" Nikai demanded.
"Don't ask, just put on the clothes or the girls will be forced to go in there and put them on you!" Taylor said and laughed.
"You're not serious…right?" Nikai said, panic evident.
"C'mon Phyl, she's not going to cooperate…" The second girl's voice said.
"You…you are one." The same girl answered. Nikai put his/her head down and let out a defeated sigh. With out another thought, Nikai walked over to the bed, staring down at the clothing.
"How did they find out?" Nikai thought. Sighing again, he/she began to get dressed.

"Man, this is taking way too long…" Zac said, rolling his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest.
"You don't think she climbed out a window or anything do you?" Taylor asked.
"Not naked she isn't." Amanda said matter of factly.
"But…" Taylor began but was cut off as the doorknob began to turn. All four teenagers turned their attention towards the door as it slowly creaked open.

"Oh. My. God…" Amanda said with wide eyes as she covered her mouth in shock.
"You…you…" Zac began to stutter. There stood Nikai, in the pink miniskirt and low cut, black tank top.
"You…you have a better figure than Amanda and I." Phyllis smiled and began to laugh.
"How did you know I was…a girl?" Nikai grumbled.
"It was obvious…now…turn around." Phyllis said, putting her hand on Nikai's shoulder.
"NO!" Nikai shouted. She looked over at the two brothers and crossed her arms over her chest, attempting to hide herself.
"Uh…Taylor…Zac…I think that maybe you should…uh leave." Phyllis said, staring at Taylor and arching her eyebrows up as warning.
"Uh…yeah…see you later." Taylor said and dragged Zac out of the room by his shirt.
"By the way, I'm Phyllis…and this is Amanda." Phyllis said, introducing themselves.
"I don't care who the hell you are!" Nikai said angrily, eyes flaring.
"Well, you should because, we're going to help you out." Amanda smiled wickedly.
"I didn't ask for any help…" Nikai didn't even have a chance to finish her sentence before both Amanda and Phyllis looked at each other and looped their arms through Nikai's, dragging her backwards into the bedroom, where they promptly locked the door and sat Nikai down.
"Man, hold her down." Phyllis said.
"WHAT! NO!" Nikai said with wide eyes as Amanda suddenly grabbed Nikai by the wrists and held her to the seat as Phyllis walked across the room to what looked like a suitcase that Nikai didn't even notice was there.
"Now, either you are going to stay still, be cooperative and this will look good or you struggle and I poke you in the eye repeatedly, you're choice." Phyllis said, smiling at Nikai.
"Why…why are you doing this?" Nikai stammered.
"We're making you pretty." Amanda answered.
"Oh great…" Nikai sighed and rolled her eyes.
"Don't do that…I have to do your eyeliner so hold still." Phyllis said as she came towards Nikai with a dark eyeliner pencil.

Taylor and Zac ran down the hallway to their room, pushing their way in as fast as they could.
"IKE! IKE!" They both yelled. They watched as Ike came out of the bathroom, brushing his teeth.
"What?" He said, narrowing his eyes as he took the toothbrush out of his mouth.
"Are you almost done getting ready?" Taylor asked, taking a breath.
"Hey…I thought you guys forgot something…where is it, whatever it is…" Ike asked, furrowing his brows even more.
"We got it." Zac answered.
"Then where is it?" Ike said, giving them a sarcastic look.
"Never mind that, are you almost done?" Taylor sighed.
"Yeah, I just have to get dressed, why? Do you need my help or something?" Ike asked.
"Uh…yeah." Taylor smiled.

"Almost done, I just have to finish your lipstick and you'll be done." Phyllis grinned. Amanda no longer had to restrain Nikai.
"Are we done playing dress up now so I can wash this off?" Nikai demanded and sighed again.
"You can't wash that off!" Amanda said.
"Why?" Nikai said angrily as she turned to look at Amanda.
"Because we said so and you don't need to question us anymore 'cause we're not going to tell you." Amanda huffed. Nikai turned her face towards Phyllis and rolled her eyes.
"You look so pretty." Phyllis smiled and handed Nikai a mirror.
"Oh my god…" Nikai said, looking at herself in the mirror.
"I…I…I look like a girl." Nikai mumbled.
"Because you are one…duh." Amanda answered. Nikai turned and gave her a harsh look.
"Uh…don't you guys have to go see your boyfriends or something." Nikai smiled, hoping she could coax the two girls out of her room so she could lock them out.
"What boyfriends?" Phyllis said, scrunching her brow with a questioning look.
"Taylor and Zac." Nikai answered. As soon as she said it, Amanda burst out into laughter and collapsed onto the bed in hysterics.
"You…you think that…that we're going out with…with them?" She laughed, holding her stomach.
"Well…I sort of figured…" Nikai stammered. She turned to look at Phyllis only to see a blush spread across her face and Phyllis immediately turned away to put the make up away.
"Well…enough chit chatting." Phyllis said, quickly trying to change the topic. She left the room to put her suitcase in the living room.
"Is something wrong?" Nikai asked, turning to Amanda.
"She has a crush on Taylor." Amanda said as if it was no big deal.
"Oh…well…" Nikai stuttered.
"I DO NOT!" Phyllis said angrily as she came back in the room.
"How…how did you hear me?" Amanda stammered.
"I always hear you when you say something stupid." Phyllis said, arching one eyebrow up as she put her hands on her hips.

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