Tuning Delicate Strings


They scrambled to their feet and ran to the door, to see what was going on. Ike ran as fast as he could and managed to grab Nikai before she could get on the elevator.
"LET GO!" She hissed.
"NO! " Ike said and stared at her in the face.
"Tell me." He said, his voice softening.
"I…I…no…I…I have to leave…" Nikai said, turning her face away.
"Nikai, please…" Ike said making Nikai finally look up at him. He was crying, tears spilling down his face, his mouth quivering. Nikai put her head down, letting her tears fall from her eyes.
"I…I…care about you…please tell me…" Ike said, tension noticeable in his voice.
"I LOVE YOU…ALL RIGHT!" She yelled and dropped her things on the floor, getting in the elevator and closing the door before he could get to her. Ike stood there in shock, not knowing what to say or do.

"Oh my god…I didn't think she was actually going to do it…" Amanda said, with wide eyes. The others just stared in shock and surprise.
"C'mon, I think we should go over to him." Zac began to say.
"No…leave him be." Phyllis said and began to walk away."
"She's right…" Taylor added and walked away with her. Amanda followed and Zac looked at his brother then walked away. Ike stood there, in silence, tears flowing freely down his face. He turned his body, to begin to walk away when he heard the elevator doors open.

"I'm sorry." A voice made him stop in his place. Ike immediately turned around, to see Nikai still standing in the elevator and then step out. Ike couldn't say anything, he just cried.
"I'm sorry." She said again and looked down at the ground. Ike walked toward her and stopped in front of her.
"Don't be." He said, his voice low in a whisper. He put his hand on her shoulder and she suddenly fell into his arms crying into his shoulder. Ike took a deep breath and embraced her.
"I love you too…" They moved apart slightly and Ike stared down at her and smiled. He put his hand on her face and leaned down to kiss her.
"YEAH!" Before they could even meet, Zac's voice interrupted them and they looked toward the distraction.
"You idiot…" Taylor said angrily and hit Zac upside the head.
"DO YOU MIND!" Ike said angrily.
"Sorry…go on." Phyllis said and grinned but continued to stand there with the rest of them.
"Ah hem." Ike said, clearing his throat.
"Oh…he he…sorry." Taylor said, pushing Phyllis in front of him along with Zac and Amanda.

"As I was doing…" Ike smiled finally kissing Nikai. Nikai wrapped her arms around his neck as he pulled her in closer.
"I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS!" Amanda laughed.
"Me too." Zac said and began to cry. Amanda and Phyllis looked at him and started to giggle.
"Oh god…" Taylor said, rolling his eyes.
"Oh…now it's your turn Phyl." Amanda whispered.
"SHUT UP!" Phyllis said between gritted teeth.
"What are you talking about?" Taylor asked, furrowing his brows and cocking his head.
"Nothing…nothing at all." Phyllis said, turning a crimson color.
"She thinks you're cute…she's got a crush on you." Amanda whispered to Taylor as Phyllis walked away.
"Oh…" Taylor said, turning pink himself.
"Sooo…do it already." Amanda said and sighed.
"Huh?" Taylor said, turning his attention to Amanda and giving her a questioning look. Amanda arched her eyebrows up and down.
"You…you think she…" Taylor said, blushing more.
"Go ahead." Amanda smiled and nodded.
"Why the hell not." Taylor grinned and shrugged his shoulders.
"Hey Phyllis?" Taylor called and walked up to her.
"What's going on?" Zac whispered to Amanda.
"Just wait, two happy endings all in one day." Amanda grinned.
"What?" Phyllis asked as she turned around. She didn't even get a chance to say anything more before Taylor scooped her up and kissed her straight on the lips, her eyes widening immediately. He released and looked at her.
"Uh…I…uh…yeah…" Phyllis stammered. Taylor just grinned. Phyllis shook her head and smiled too as they all headed into the hotel room.

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